Saturday, September 11, 2010

Custom MADL Has Style

Found this great custom 6 inch vinyl MAD L toy by Zdenek55. What attracts me to the toy is its really expressive face and the base paint job(not the inkwork) that makes for a nice textured look that almost makes it look like its madde out of wood rather than plastic.

The artist has been featured at The Don O'Melveny Gallery In Los Angeles (2006), and at The THINKSPACE Gallery (2007), Phantom Gallery (2007), The Sundance Film Festival, The L.A. Biscuit Lofts Art Show (2007), Monkeyhouse Toys (2007, 2008) Gallery Hangar 1018 (2007), AlphaCult (2007) and APW NYC (2008), Gnosis Gallery (2008).

Check this great piece , You can pick him up for $75 if you are quick.

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