Sunday, October 10, 2010

RAJE Toys reveals the winners for series one of the 'Project Blueprint' project!

RAJE Toys just announced the winners for their 'Project Blueprint' series one... and there are some seriously rad designs in this series, and along with those designs are some seriously intricate patterns! I can't wait to see them fully produced. They say on their website that "It was a very tough job to choose winners from such quality entries and we feel guilty that we can’t make them all." No worries though as they plan on hopefully making this a yearly series which will always be open to entries from the top names and the unknowns in the industry! As you can see from the list they have a little bit of just that, some well know artists and some unknowns... and what a great mixture! Congrats goes out to the series one artists which include: Hugh Rose, Luihz Unreal, Kris Dyche, Hyaku, Igor Ventura, Cesar Zanardi, Jon Paul Kaiser, Matucha, Leonard Brizuela, Sjors Vervoort, Chris Dobson, Nahuel Cardozo Esper, Lisa Rae Hansen, and Patricio Oliver!
I hope to see this as a mini series soon.

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