Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Four: Toy2R's 15 Weeks to Celebrate 15 Years Contest

Toy2R continues it's massive worldwide contest celebrating its 15th Year Anniversary with Week Four of the 15 Weeks to Celebrate 15 Years Contest! Just about the easiest contest to win - all you have to do is log on to the Toy2R USA Facebook Fan Page and post a comment about why you love Toy2R or post a picture of your Toy2R collection, favorite figure or customized Qee and you could be a lucky winner - it's that easy!

This week Toy2R focuses on the imagination as Week Four begins as a prelude to several hot and highly anticipated Toy2R releases come out during October; 2.5" Skelanimals Qee Artist Series, 5" Jon Paul Kaiser Samurai Pumpkin Mini Qee, Emilio Garcia's 8" Braint Pattern Qee, Jon Paul Kaiser's 8" Zombie Pirate Qee, the 5" DIY Pumpkin Mini Qee and a few otehr surprises.

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