Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reddprime - Custom 7" Munny "Chappies" for ToiToy Show

Reddprime had a few different Munny concepts for the upcoming ToiToy Custom Show happening 10th February at their freshly opened store on Kloof St, Cape Town. He finally decided on Chappies for his design for the "Africa" themed custom show, and went about chewing and unwrapping a bucket load of the popular Chappies Bubblegum, using the wrappers to cover the Munny and the chewed gum to make a mold that would finally be cast in resin for the base. The custom came out brilliantly, total and fantastic homage to everyone's favorite bubblegum, the show at ToiToy will be taking place 10th February, and will showcase awesome African themed Munny's by some of South Africa's top artists including Jordan Metcalf, Adam Hill, Emma Cook, Ben Johnston, Cassandra Johnson, Jade, Kronk, Sindiso, Paul Senyol, Bruce Mackay, Simon Berndt, Shaun Swainland, Theory One, Sam Breakspear, Reddprime, Faith, Cashrill, Bison and Daniel Ting Chong.
49 Kloof St
Cape Town
South Africa

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