Saturday, May 7, 2011

Huck Gee 8" Dunny "Raku" Release

The next 8" Dunny to be released by Kidrobot will be by Huck Gee. The Raku set. This will actually be a 4 piece set, 1 set released only from Kidrobot and the other from selected retailers. This will be a day and night versions.They will also be released in two colorways, Red and Black. The Red 8-inch Raku Dunnys (Night & Day versions) are Kidrobot exclusives, sold only at Kidrobot stores and on May 19th. The Black 8-inch Raku Dunnys (Night & Day versions) will be available exclusively at specialty retailers on May 26. All four versions will retail for $100 each.

We will hopefully be getting them in, watch this space.

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