Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toy2R Contest

Win this amazing prize enter today.

We have packed a plastic tub full of 2.5” Qees and all you have to do is guess exactly how many Qees are in the tub! The plastic tub measures 22” long x 15” wide x 6” deep. While you can pack a bunch of Qees in there…note that there are Qees of all characters from several years past (Bears, Eggs, Toyers, etc). Also, some are still in their original polybags…so you’ll have to call upon your best guessing skills.
Post your guess on the Toy2R USA Facebook Page and you’re entered – just that easy!
One entry per contestant – multiple guesses will not be accepted – so make sure to enter the best guess possible. To make the contest even more appealing – we will have TWO GRAND PRIZES – that means we can have two winners!!! In the event of a tie of more than two contestants, Toy2R will have a tie-breaker to determine the two winners. Winners will be announced on May 30st.
So with that…examine the image carefully and good luck, after all – it is Friday the 13th!

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