Friday, December 16, 2011

Customs from the Toitoy x Puma show.

Here are all the incredible customs done for our show.
Well done to all the Artists you have done us proud.

                                                        Kronk   "Catacombs"

David McLennan "Surveillance Culture"

Ivana Raguz "Pumped up Kicks"

Wihan Mouton "Outline in Colours"

Illana De Jager "Geekster"

Atang Tshikare "Zabalazaa"

Frank Skullboy Mr Brisket goes to town"

Greg Darrol "Ally Cats"

Sam Breakspear Puss on Boots"

Hannah Hughes "Streets are Strange"

Soledesign "Street Invaders"

The Given "It came from Below"

1 comment:

scottyp said...

Well done guys, awesome work. Unbelievable creativity.