Monday, April 23, 2012

KegO' BOOM By "The Given"

"Introducing South Africa's first locally produced and manufactured Designer Resin Toy, “Keg O’ Boom” from The Given.

Keg O’ Boom is the realisation of years worth of idea’s, planning and hard work from Cape Town artist and designer; The Given.
Keg O’ Boom is a Super Limited Edition resin figure which has been hand moulded and cast from The Given’s original sculpt.
No more than 50 pieces of this brilliant figure will see the light of day with 1 in every 5 being Rare Glow in the Dark Variants and
there is even rumour of one Ultra Rare hand painted figure.

The figure will be available during a pre-order period of 1 month for the surprisingly low amount of R150.
Once the pre-order period is over whatever figures have not been snapped up will be sold at a retail level at a price of R180.

We invite you to take part in making this project a success, so that hopefully we shall soon see South Africa’s Second locally produced and Manufactured Designer Resin Toy.
But you best hurry as we don’t expect these collector pieces to hang around for very long.

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