Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kronk - Totem Fat Cap

Well this must be a good year for local designer Kronk, he will have another toy released by Kidrobot on the 10th May 2012.
His latest creation is a 6" Totem Fatcap.
Totem loves the modern world. With an over-inflated sense of awesomeness and a love for dicey online casino games and XXX reading material, this FatCap consumes technology like bandwidth grows on trees.
Ancient Totem, meet 21st Century sin.
The Totem FatCap by Kronk is 6-inches of vinyl symbolism, enshrining the evils of vanity, lust, and greed on the iconic FatCap platform. Here to serve as a symbolic reminder to avoid leading self-celebrating lives, this totem’s old natural tones have transformed into a new electric vinyl palette – purple, turquoise, orange and pink.
This piece is limited to 900, and is going to be available from our store. Please contact me to preorder yours.

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