Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kong Andri's "Uncle Chop" custom Dunny + Labbit silent auction!

Kong Andri, the second place winner for Best Munny in this year's Munnyworld Contest, created this wonderful 3" Dunny and 1.5" Labbit custom set entitled "Uncle Chop." Andri describes the design as "A pig butcher whose gone mad when a piece of carrot plugged itself to his head. Now, controlled by that carrot, Uncle Chop is on a prowl looking for labbits to kill."

There's a lot of clean line work here and lovely little touches, like the labbit outline on his apron. Written on his back is the kanji for — I believe — "butcher man," which makes sense given the design. Instead of simply selling this piece, Andri has decided to do a silent auction to find an owner for it.

Between now and Saturday, June 30th at 8PM Indonesian time (which is 6AM on Saturday PST), e-mail contact [at] mynewobsession [dot] net with your full name, phone number, e-mail address and the amount of your bid. Bids do not include shipping & handling costs and no bid under $30 will be considered. Best of luck to all hoping to win this beautiful piece!

Original post by Nick Curtis / Trust Pigs.

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