Friday, December 28, 2012

Otto Bjornik"s Kwardo Kwins.

 Otto Björnik Never seems to amaze me with yet again another incredible custom,has just revealedKwardo Alas – four custom 3” Dunnys that are part of his ongoing playing card inspired Kwardo Kwin project.  As you’ll see in Otto’s story text below, the four ‘Ace’ horsemen, Arjun (Club), Aden (Heart), Ashur (Spade) and Aubin (Diamond),  serve as protectors of the four Kwardo Kwins.

The four sisters became more and more beautiful with each passing day. As word of their beauty spread, kings from neighboring lands came to court the fair young maidens. And so it happened that each sister became betrothed to a king before her eighteenth birthday. When they became of age, the nobleman sent his daughters to the four corners of the land to live in their new kingdoms. He selected four of his bravest horsemen to accompany and protect them on their long journeys.

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