Saturday, May 11, 2013


Haganenokiba High Guard edition

"The Haganenokibas represent the elite of the Thousand fangs, and among them, the High Guard serves as the personal escort of the Commander Owatatsumi. Very best of their kind, they master the Polearm with agility and power at a point that it is said that none of them ever fell in combat. The rare who survived an encounter with one of them can recall with fear the destructive fury that they can lay on the battleground."

The Haganenokiba High guard is a limited series of 20 handcrafted custom Dunny figures. Standing a little bit over 3 inch, they feature a very detailed sculpt and beautiful shadings. Each piece comes with its numbered artist card.
$120 per figure and available now in our online store. Please count 2 weeks before shipping.

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