Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kronk × Vannen Watches's "Rat Basterd" limited edition artist watch...

Today is a KRONK kinda day... nay, this week is a KRONK week, as not only has Kidrobot been revealing his latest Dunny designs for the upcoming EVOLVED series, but the folks over at Vannen Watches are stoked to finally reveal his limited edition watch!!! We have been posting teasers HERE and HERE featuring little snippits of artwork from South African artist KRONK, and now we get to see the full monty! KRONK's limited edition "Rat Basterd" watch features vintage animation-inspired artwork mixed with a little prison style tattoo art.
The series of icons that adorn "Rat Basterd" highlight the themes of chance, danger, and malice that also tend to weave their way through Kronk's more familiar prints, posters, and toys. "Rat Basterd" features matching packaging and engravings of Kronk's logo on the crown and back casing. The "Rat Basterd" Vannen artist watch will retail for $75, and be available tomorrow morning at 9am PST on Wednesday, September 18th. This is limited to only 150 pieces, and will be available online only and so get ready!!! Oh... one more thing, there are also 5 super-limited stealth "Rat Basterd" watches (mixed in at random with the 150) that feature all black hands... ahhhh, the thrill of the chase!!! Will you be the lucky one?

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