Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Dunny 2010 Day 17

Triciops Studios

Triclops Studios are a creative Design Consultancy specializing in Toys and Games. By day they crank concept design work for internationally renowned mainstream toy companies, by night they cut, shut, pen & ink customs and designs for the 'urban vinyl' (or whatever you fancy calling it) scene.

Dunny inspiration

We often dissect and regurgitate toys to create our Cloppy customs, so the cannibalistic theme of Zombies is quite apt! We originally wanted to appropriate Kronk’s amazing Gingerbread Dunny for our 'Zombny', though the icing detail was molded in so Kidrobot kindly re-sculpted with 'Eat Me' emblazoned on the back and a pop-out brain in true Zombie fashion!

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