Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jesse Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez's art combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. He currently works full time as Host and Producer of “Vinyl Addiction,” Art Director/Co-Creator of cartoon series "The Nutshack," and freelances through his company Immortal Studios. His artwork has been featured in multiple publications and he has released vinyl toys in collaboration with several companies, while continuing to show his art in galleries around the world.

My Inspiration

Dios Murcielago ('Bat God')This design represents the Bat as the messenger of the underworld or "Mictlan" to the Aztecs. Bats were known as Quimichpapalotl, or Butterfly mice, and held in very high regard. This bad boy demands his respect; diss him and you'll be passing on to the other-side with a quickness.

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