Monday, June 6, 2011

A Kidrobot x Мишка Keep Watch Dunny Chase Figure… Holla!

No need to hold your breath any longer. The 2011 Мишка Dunny has arrived in a blaze of chainsaw-massacring glory ready to skin your sister’s Barbie dolls alive. The beautiful minds over at Kidrobot finally succumbed to our relentless pressure and let us fuck with the Dunny form until it was almost unrecognizable. The 3-inch troublemaker is outfitted with a cute pair of blood-splattered overalls and a mini murder weapon to boot. Although we do choose favorites, all nineteen other cuddly collectables are delightfully deranged in their own special little way.
Each individual Dunny is blind-boxed, so you never know what twisted and ultra-limited artistic creation you’ll get. But ours is a chase figure, so yeah shit’s gonna be incredibly rare to get your grubby paws on. Oh and did I forget to mention that every one of these little terrors is complete with a trading card and puzzle piece that fits together to form an original, never-to-be-sold-anywhere Dunny that even we know nothing about.
In celebration of the series’ squishy arrival on Kidrobot shelves, there will be a release party, sporting an exclusive Hole In The Middle book signing at the Kidrobot New York store on the 23rd of this month. Don’t close your eyes cuz “They’re here.”

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