Friday, June 10, 2011

Something Special - Swatch x Kidrobot – Watch Collector’s Set

The much anticipated and leaked Swatch x Kidrobot Dunny + Watch collabo has been almost completely revealed with these new pics of a crazy (as in very cool) collector’s set which comes in a metal fold-out case complete with a 20” ‘stache Kozik Dunny as well as watches and matching Dunnys from Frank Kozik, Tilt, MAD, Joe Ledbetter, Jeremeyville, SSUR, Tara McPherson, & Gary Baseman. Pricing for this special set is said to be $1000 It may very well be the case that the Kozik 20” Dunnys is exclusive to this set, but only time (or another leak) will tell. Update: A few google searches seems to suggest that the OG leak came from Bozinovski Watches’ Facebook page [Seen on Vannen Watches].

Post thanks to Vinyl Pulse.

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