Monday, February 10, 2014

Closing down Sale

Well folks this is to let you all know that as of Wednesday 12th February we will be starting our closing down sale. All must go so hurry on down to pick up your favorite toys before we close on the 20th February 2014.
At this point i would like to thank you all for your years of support and hope we will meet up again some time soon.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Drones by The Given.

A Custom 3" Dunny Series, entitled The Drones.
There are 10 pieces in the series, with 5 "Ground Support Drones" and 5 "Tactical Air Drones" and all the pieces are Blind boxed.

Should you want to get your hand on these amazing pieces , here is the link to The Givens online shop.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marvel Munny Diy toys.

Be someone’s hero this Christmas buy some D.I.Y Marvel Munny superheroes.

Iron man, Spiderman, Wolverine and Venom available in two different sizes 3”and 7’.

Mnwka Labbit.

This ghoulish, undead version of a Labbit is held by a monstrous zombie hand, because after a long day of stalking the living, even zombies like to relax with their pets
“It was based on a previous mystery dunny design we had in 2011 with a monster hand clutching a Keep Watch eyeball.
The details on this piece is out of this world , in fact it gives me some creeps .lol.

Only 3 mishka labbits left @ R1 495.00

Kidrobot x Keith Haring (RED) 2013

Kidrobot has joined forces with Keith Haring Studio and (RED) in a formidable collaboration to combat AIDS in Africa with the release of this collection. Launched on the 1st December , the collection fuses Kidrobot’s iconic Bot sculpture with Keith Haring’s legendary patterns to create a conceptual art piece. The collection available at shop the  includes two sizes of the Bot ( 3” vinyl figure @ R165, 7” vinyl figure @ R895), These are pieces that you need to add on to your collection for two reasons, the love of art and your contribution towards combating AIDS in our lovely continent. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yeti Dunny Available

Legendary Dunny.
The North American Yeti is real. From Canadian studio Pause Designs comes the Yeti Dunny: a mystical 8-inch vinyl enigma. With gradiating fur plus fingers and toes, this Dunny is hard to be believed. Timid by nature, sightings of the creature are rare.
Be on the lookout starting November 21 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers. 
Pause Studios: “The Yeti Dunny is based on a custom we did for a collector who only commissions Yeti themed pieces. With any of our customs we like to play with the Dunny shape to try and find new ways to use it in design. We try to have the Dunny shape not immediately recognizable, while still keeping all the elements of the original platform. We had never seen the Dunny shape flipped upside down before, and wanted to create a Dunny custom that would stick out in people’s minds. Also we chose to make a Yeti because of the fact we’re Canadian, and the special relationship with that Canadians share with Yetis. Fun Fact: We had a Yeti on staff at Pause once, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I mean, Yetis DO hibernate 6 months out of the year. Have you ever woken up a hibernating Yeti? It makes for quite the hostile working environment to say the least. That, and he was a tad Intimidating to customers.”
There are only 8 available and he is going for R1395.00.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Custom Design Workshop

We finally have everything finalized for the Custom Design Workshop.

Toitoy together with KEda Gomes And The Given will be hosting a design workshop. Here you will glean some tricks from 2 talented designers. Beginner or not you will learn a host of ideas from these 2 wonderful artists.

There will be 2 different sizes of DIY toys to choose from, the 4" Marvell Munny and the 7" Marvell Munny. The cost for the workshop will be R600.00 for the 4" and R700.00 for the 7" toy.

The workshop will be held on Saturday 23rd November 2013 from 10H00 until 16H00 at City varsity 32 Kloof street Gardens.The campus is opposite the Toitoy shop.

The workshop is limited to 25 people. Only once you have booked and paid will your seat  be confirmed.

Should you require any further information please email

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travis Cain Wood Dunny 2009.

In 2009 Kidrobot released their Dunny series 2009, as part of this series there was for the first time 4 different versions of the ? mark dunny. This created a mad rush to see who could lay their hands on these amazing solid wood dunny's. We where lucky enough to get a few with our shipment and had some very happy people. At the time we where selling these dunnys for R125.00 as blind packaging. Today while on ebay i came across these 4 chases and look at their prices, some of these are signed pieces.

Standard one R4396.40.

Standard with sawn head R19 541.95.

Half Green Head R24 426.69.

Holes in  R21 983.98.

Those of you that have them will definitely see a return in your investment.

Surreally Cool! Sergio Mancini's "The artist incorporates the toy and produces himself" custom Munny

Sergio Mancini trips down the rabbit hole that is semi-surrealism and comes up with an absolutely stunning piece! Entitled "The artist incorporates the toy and produces himself," this custom Munny is half autobiography and half self-fulfilling prophecy, but it is all out amazing! This completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art is available nowHERE in the Red Mutuca Studios's online shop for $400.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Animal Life Fonzo custom show designs.

Our first artists design we are going to reveal are.

 Warren Talmarkes

Kerry Hugil

Ume Toys 

Sneaky Racoon

We hope to see you on Thursday 3rd October 2013 at Toitoy for the opening of the show.

World War D by Otto Bjornik.

These guys don't give a damn how shitty and unoriginal the title is. They are fearless, fearsome and uhmm... very sandy.
The 10-Dunny BLIND BOX war begins on September 27, 2013 at 11am EDT. LIMIT 2 per customer/household.