Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coarse Toys 1:3 Vinyl figure.

The Rise of pain in dreams.

Marking the 5th anniversary of their first 1:3 vinyl figure release, coarse presents "the rise of pain in dreams". Hand sculpted by Mark Landwehr in the distinctive coarse style and first shown in Chicago in 2010, it has taken coarse 2 years to transform the original sculpture into a vinyl piece. A project of passion, pushed to the limit of technical capabilities.

At 27’’ x 14’‘ x 7.4’’ [69 cm x 35.5 cm x 18 cm], the piece is an exceptional large scale vinyl figure, impressive in size and detail – each piece is individually handcrafted. The damaged being, comes sunken into his mattress, clinging to the last strands of life . Embalmed in bandages, but still the blood seeps out of his mouth and wounds. Fighting inside and out for survival.

This lost case comes attached inseparably to his deathbed and with an individually handmade blood puddle. He is secured with foam, slid into a sturdy screen printed cardboard box and closed with a full colour paper sleeve. His casket is lightweight and highly durable for the long journeys ahead.

This incredible pieces limited to 200 units.The cost for this piece is approximately R7500.00.

Cactus Rocker by Tokodoki

This is the latest to be released by Tokodoki and will be available in stores in July 2012.There are two versions a red and a blue. These Cactus Rockers stand 6" tall .The Blue one islimited to 400 units and is a Tokiboki exclusive.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Pop iconoclast Ron English presents the ultimate black vinyl fetish item – American Depress. A three dimensional depiction of America's Bloated Billionaire Mouse Messiah is crucified upon the mousetrap status symbol of American capitalism: the Black Card.
Ron English reinvents imagery from modern popular culture, manipulating visual symbols to create complex, humorous, and insightful meanings. For American Depress, the urban pop prankster has focused on a beloved character happily entrapped by the consumerism that has made him. The over-stuffed mouse is splayed on a 12-inch tall sheet of black ABS, embellished with gold printing. The card numbers reference the beginning of the royal rodent’s reign, and, a very short time after, the darkest hour in the history of the American economy. From there both iconic rodent and consumer grow to obesity until the card’s expiration date - the day of the foretold apocalypse. Fitted with an indent on the back, this modern relic is built to be hung over all we devour.
Typical of the culture this mash-up of feigned innocence and greed represents, American Depress is available for purchase at the right price and limited to the persistent and the lucky. Each of the 200 pieces in this edition is hand numbered, with the artist’s signature engraved on the back.

This piece is only available from Kidrobot  following this link