Monday, January 24, 2011

Blankie Series 2 Winning designs.

Blankie Series 2 contest have just announced the winners. Sometime in the Fall, you will be seeing these Blankie designs brought to life. The winners include: Obos, Marieta, Scave, Lakoneko, Ready2Rumbl, Frank Mysterio, William, William Walison, Incorrectly Guessing, Checha, Jhan, and Mawsy.

Stan x Muttpop – Red Dexmon

In addition to his upcoming original Kaiju figure, Kondo, French artist Stan has collaborated with Muttpop on a very low-run edition of Red Demon entitled ‘Red Dexmon’. Release date is unknown at this time. Looks like Mr. Demon is up to his eyeballs in the crimson this time around.

Original post by Vinyl Pulse.

I want yor Munny

Here is a peek at another artist involved in the custom show.

Dr Brain NYCC Edition Now Available

We have received 6 of these amazing New York Comic Con Releases.

I want your Munny

Here is a peek at the custom piece done by Daniel Ting Chong.