Monday, July 23, 2012

Poison II a Dunny series by Zukaty

Poison series II, this time you will have the "Deadly 7" 5x Black, 1x yellow and 1x red 3" Dunnys sculpted and spray/hand painted featuring real cork stopper, and also available will be the "Legion Dose" 8" Dunny, these will be bagged with header card and bundled with some mini canvas original art work and the "I've been poisoned badge/pin".
Available @
Sunday 22th July 2012
London 10PM - NY 5PM - LA 2PM
3" Dunnys are $75 each + Shipping
8" Dunny is $235 + Shipping

If they sell out and more interest is shown I will run a 24 hour open commission/pre-order, for those collectors that might have missed out, and really want one, these will be made on demand on a 6-10 week waiting list on a first come first served basis.

Original post by Tenacious.

Skullslinger Blondie Edition

Death for Hire.
Ruthless and rugged, Skullslinger may wear a sheriff’s star, but he’s more outlaw than judge. Shading his hollow eyes under a broad rimmed hat, this winged vinyl rogue stands 11 inches tall, ready to draw with vultures circling overhead, the wind billowing his coat and the setting sun bouncing off his spikes and spurs. Skullslinger Blondie looks more bad than good, and is anything but ugly.
Limited to 700 pieces worldwide, Skullslinger draws his guns August 9

Product Preview – Mahākāla Dunny Protection Edition

Dunny-sattvas take wrathful form when a gentler approach is not effective.
Seemingly demonic, the Mahākāla deity is a stern protector. With his trident, he fights the poisons that blind – pride, lust, greed, and ignorance – and destroys those that hinder the knowledge of enlightenment. He has four arms, three eyes, and one fiery crown. Some compare him to death; others hail him as a glorious guard.  All know him to be fierce.
The Mahākāla character ever present in ceremonies throughout the Himalayan region inspires the 8-inch Mahākāla Dunny by Andrew Bell. The Protection Edition is limited to 900 pieces and rules with a trident accessory, extra set of articulated arms, and removable Dunny skull belt. Begin worshipping August 2.