Friday, May 3, 2013

Lunartik's "Design a Lovely Cup of Tea" competition!

All designers and artist out there, here is your opportunity to exhibit your hidden talents.

Like customizing? Like winning stuff for free? Well, Matt JOnes aka Lunartik is offering up some great prizes as part of a "Design a Lovely Cup of Tea" competition! So are you interested in letting those creative juices flow? Head on over HERE right now, follow the instructions, and get those entries in before July 31st, 2013!!!

Come on designers in South Africa, lets get some entries in for this amazing competition.We have got stock of the DIY toys for you to start on.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 Toitoy Giveaways.

Well the month of April has come and gone and our giveaway competition has come to an end, unfortunately there can only be one winner.
The winner of these 2 amazing pieces is Lynton Rice.

If you were not lucky this time stay tuned to find out more about our May giveaway.

Here we go our next giveaway for the month of April is not 1 toy but 2 toys.
The first giveaway is from the Dunny 2011 release and it is the Purple Zombie Dunny that was the international case giveaway at the time of the release. We in South Africa got the Brown Zombie Dunny as the case giveaway.
The 2nd toy is from the Fatcap series 3 and its the case giveaway which is the white Rhino, the grey one was part of the series.
So folks every time you make a purchase from Toitoy shop or online you will be entered into the draw for these 2 rare pieces.
Good luck all.
Huck Gee Zombie Dunny Purple.
Fatcap series 3 White Rhino by Scribe.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Android Artist Series 4

Hey Android fans! Coming soon from DyzPlastic is another artist series of their popular mini Android figures! Series 4 will feature artists, Andrew BellKRONKKong Andri,Scott TollesonSergio Mancini, and more! Who else will be apart of this amazing line up? When will we see teasers? Stay tuned for more on that!

Monday, April 29, 2013

OOps Prey Edition Has arived

The wait is over , OOps prey edition has finally arrived. There are only 3 sets available.

ToiToy: OOps Prey Edition: Coarse toys will be releasing another of their amazing creations Oops prey edition. Each set set includes two 7” [18cm] vinyl f...