Monday, June 14, 2010

Munny world Little Trikky on his way back

We have managed to get somemore stock of the Munny World Trikky DIY toy.
They should de arriving here soon,watch this space for new arrival date.

Marshall Series 1

Marshall Mashumaro was a little boy who ate so many marshmallows he turned into one! How scary is that? But…he’s just about the cutest little marshmallow boy ever! Marshall Series 1 features 19 total designs (16 regular and 3 secret) packaged in blind boxes.
Design: 64 Colors

Watch this space for the arrival date.

Tear Drips Series 1

Happy got you down? Why not try sad!? Tear Drips might be the answer. They are so very very sad—but in a perky and disarming way. Actually, that’s not true…they aren’t perky or disarming at all. Just sad. Twelve designs in this series, blind packed in an equal ratio. Each display will contain one of each design.
Design: Travis Lampe

Watch this space for their arrival date.