Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marvel Munny Diy toys.

Be someone’s hero this Christmas buy some D.I.Y Marvel Munny superheroes.

Iron man, Spiderman, Wolverine and Venom available in two different sizes 3”and 7’.

Mnwka Labbit.

This ghoulish, undead version of a Labbit is held by a monstrous zombie hand, because after a long day of stalking the living, even zombies like to relax with their pets
“It was based on a previous mystery dunny design we had in 2011 with a monster hand clutching a Keep Watch eyeball.
The details on this piece is out of this world , in fact it gives me some creeps .lol.

Only 3 mishka labbits left @ R1 495.00

Kidrobot x Keith Haring (RED) 2013

Kidrobot has joined forces with Keith Haring Studio and (RED) in a formidable collaboration to combat AIDS in Africa with the release of this collection. Launched on the 1st December , the collection fuses Kidrobot’s iconic Bot sculpture with Keith Haring’s legendary patterns to create a conceptual art piece. The collection available at shop the  includes two sizes of the Bot ( 3” vinyl figure @ R165, 7” vinyl figure @ R895), These are pieces that you need to add on to your collection for two reasons, the love of art and your contribution towards combating AIDS in our lovely continent. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yeti Dunny Available

Legendary Dunny.
The North American Yeti is real. From Canadian studio Pause Designs comes the Yeti Dunny: a mystical 8-inch vinyl enigma. With gradiating fur plus fingers and toes, this Dunny is hard to be believed. Timid by nature, sightings of the creature are rare.
Be on the lookout starting November 21 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers. 
Pause Studios: “The Yeti Dunny is based on a custom we did for a collector who only commissions Yeti themed pieces. With any of our customs we like to play with the Dunny shape to try and find new ways to use it in design. We try to have the Dunny shape not immediately recognizable, while still keeping all the elements of the original platform. We had never seen the Dunny shape flipped upside down before, and wanted to create a Dunny custom that would stick out in people’s minds. Also we chose to make a Yeti because of the fact we’re Canadian, and the special relationship with that Canadians share with Yetis. Fun Fact: We had a Yeti on staff at Pause once, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I mean, Yetis DO hibernate 6 months out of the year. Have you ever woken up a hibernating Yeti? It makes for quite the hostile working environment to say the least. That, and he was a tad Intimidating to customers.”
There are only 8 available and he is going for R1395.00.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Custom Design Workshop

We finally have everything finalized for the Custom Design Workshop.

Toitoy together with KEda Gomes And The Given will be hosting a design workshop. Here you will glean some tricks from 2 talented designers. Beginner or not you will learn a host of ideas from these 2 wonderful artists.

There will be 2 different sizes of DIY toys to choose from, the 4" Marvell Munny and the 7" Marvell Munny. The cost for the workshop will be R600.00 for the 4" and R700.00 for the 7" toy.

The workshop will be held on Saturday 23rd November 2013 from 10H00 until 16H00 at City varsity 32 Kloof street Gardens.The campus is opposite the Toitoy shop.

The workshop is limited to 25 people. Only once you have booked and paid will your seat  be confirmed.

Should you require any further information please email

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travis Cain Wood Dunny 2009.

In 2009 Kidrobot released their Dunny series 2009, as part of this series there was for the first time 4 different versions of the ? mark dunny. This created a mad rush to see who could lay their hands on these amazing solid wood dunny's. We where lucky enough to get a few with our shipment and had some very happy people. At the time we where selling these dunnys for R125.00 as blind packaging. Today while on ebay i came across these 4 chases and look at their prices, some of these are signed pieces.

Standard one R4396.40.

Standard with sawn head R19 541.95.

Half Green Head R24 426.69.

Holes in  R21 983.98.

Those of you that have them will definitely see a return in your investment.

Surreally Cool! Sergio Mancini's "The artist incorporates the toy and produces himself" custom Munny

Sergio Mancini trips down the rabbit hole that is semi-surrealism and comes up with an absolutely stunning piece! Entitled "The artist incorporates the toy and produces himself," this custom Munny is half autobiography and half self-fulfilling prophecy, but it is all out amazing! This completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art is available nowHERE in the Red Mutuca Studios's online shop for $400.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Animal Life Fonzo custom show designs.

Our first artists design we are going to reveal are.

 Warren Talmarkes

Kerry Hugil

Ume Toys 

Sneaky Racoon

We hope to see you on Thursday 3rd October 2013 at Toitoy for the opening of the show.

World War D by Otto Bjornik.

These guys don't give a damn how shitty and unoriginal the title is. They are fearless, fearsome and uhmm... very sandy.
The 10-Dunny BLIND BOX war begins on September 27, 2013 at 11am EDT. LIMIT 2 per customer/household.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kronk × Vannen Watches's "Rat Basterd" limited edition artist watch...

Today is a KRONK kinda day... nay, this week is a KRONK week, as not only has Kidrobot been revealing his latest Dunny designs for the upcoming EVOLVED series, but the folks over at Vannen Watches are stoked to finally reveal his limited edition watch!!! We have been posting teasers HERE and HERE featuring little snippits of artwork from South African artist KRONK, and now we get to see the full monty! KRONK's limited edition "Rat Basterd" watch features vintage animation-inspired artwork mixed with a little prison style tattoo art.
The series of icons that adorn "Rat Basterd" highlight the themes of chance, danger, and malice that also tend to weave their way through Kronk's more familiar prints, posters, and toys. "Rat Basterd" features matching packaging and engravings of Kronk's logo on the crown and back casing. The "Rat Basterd" Vannen artist watch will retail for $75, and be available tomorrow morning at 9am PST on Wednesday, September 18th. This is limited to only 150 pieces, and will be available online only and so get ready!!! Oh... one more thing, there are also 5 super-limited stealth "Rat Basterd" watches (mixed in at random with the 150) that feature all black hands... ahhhh, the thrill of the chase!!! Will you be the lucky one?

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Monday, September 16, 2013

New stock has arrived today.


There’s a hell for all things, men and labbits alike! In their underworld Keep Watch Labbits run perpetually from disembodied Hell Hands offering the most unholy petting. Thy horror Labbit!


From The Simpsons & Kidrobot comes Zombie Bart in 6-inch vinyl. Bart looks sick (and undead) in blue. Spoon for brains included.


Never run out of nerve! This 8-inch vinyl tusker dunny is ready to fly. Stunt suit design is topped off with a newly sculpted head - including jet streaming ears - and a single engine jetpack accessory. Limited edition of 1400. 


Labbit is a great host. Black as death with wide spidery eyes, ferocious fangs, and psychotic tongue, Venom Labbit is pure 7-inch vinyl evil. Only the butt-hole can resist. Some things are too good to go bad.


Snikt! Engineered to kill. Destined to do good. This beer drinking, cigar smoking, 7-inch vinyl Logan Labbit is finished with a nasty attitude and rad adamantium colored claw.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Blue Zombie Bunny.

Zombie Bunny:
No one knows how or why, but zombie bunnies do exist. Mostly brainless, they wander the streets and countrysides without a clue where they are going, only motivated by their impulse to eat brains. Calling them slow and dim-witted would be an understatement. Mostly seen as a nuisance, they have become a fact of life in the over-populated world. While they pose virtually no threat to any living bunny, they are often kept out of the way in gated reservations. From time to time some manage to escape and wander the lands aimlessly.
More about the Chaos Bunnies:
The Chaos Bunnies are a collection of characters and vinyl figures created and designed by Joe Ledbetter (aka J.Led). Under many iterations and names over the years, the Chaos Bunnies have been prevalent characters in J.Led’s paintings, prints, and toy designs since 2004. With as many variations of his signature bunny character as can be imagined, the possibilities are truly endless. The Chaos Bunnies play with ideas of over-population, individuality, alienation, enlightenment, and unadulterated joy. Not only is this project a labor of love, but a carefully designed art piece, a celebration of collectables, and a love letter to favorite childhood action figures. These bunnies might be super cute, but don’t forget they’re still wild animals from a distant planet.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


The Quetzalcoatl Dunny was the chase mini figure of the 2007 Kidrobot Dunny Azteca series. And now The Beast Brothers are set to release their Quetzalcoatl design as a Glow-in-the-dark 8” custom figure. 
This amazing sculpt is one of the most elaborate and detailed to date, hand painted and donning a faux leather poncho, each piece will come safely packaged in a laser engraved wooden box.
Starting Friday, September 6th at 1pm EST, you will have only 24 hours to purchase this unique and rare custom figure for only $460 + Shipping & Handling.
Only at The Beast Brothers Website. 

Product Preview. Dunnibal, Kidrobot X ilovedust 8-inch Dunny.

It’s what’s for dinner.
8-inch vinyl Dunny from British illustrative masters ilovedust features deco detail that takes Dunny to a new dimension.
“ilovedust, a multi-disciplinary studio founded back in 2003. Based on the South coast of England, surrounded by the rolling English countryside and whipped by sea air, ilovedust creates fresh, innovative design which makes up their award-winning portfolio. Collaborating with a diverse range of brands, from those shores and afar, they have been delivering world class illustration and graphic design for 10 crazy years.”
We will chase you to the store to pick this bad boy up…
The struggle begins September 26 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Animal Life" Custom Show International Artists.

We are please to reveal 3 of our international artist to you who will be taking part in our upcoming "Animal Life" Fonzo Custom show.We will reveal the 4th artist soon.

Triclops Studio.

twitter (Rob) @triclopsapeman (Luc) @triclopsrobot and @triclopsstudio

Ume Toys

twitter @umetoys

Sneaky Raccoon

twitter @sneakyraccoon

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toitoy presents "Animal Life" Custom Show Artist Profiles.

Shane Lee

"Obsession may be an understatement when referring to N3RD’s fascination with customizing, transforming, tweaking and morphing anything he can get his pragmatic paws on! "

Kerry Hugill.

Kerry is the creative force behind boutique design studio, Malossol. Graduating from Stellenbosch University, she worked in a variety of design companies, large and small, which allowed her to discover which aspects of the field she really enjoyed. So, keen to push boundaries and work to her own strengths, she founded Malossol in 2007.
Kerry is passionate about mentoring young designers; helping them refine their talents without stifling their style or individuality. Outside of work she also loves comic books, fashion, painting with her son and, of course, vinyl toys.

The Given.

Abe Viljoen aka The Given is a Designer and Toy Maker living in Cape Town.
Abe has established himself as a staple in the South African Designer Toy Scene in recent years,after appearing next to Kidrobot wunderkind Kronk at Design Indaba as well as the release of his owner resin toy "Keg O' Boom".
Abe spends his days as the Creative Director of an Industrial Design and Product Development Firm and his nights as The Given, creating everything from Vinyl Toys, Clothing, Skate Decks and Fine Art Prints.

Peter Woodbridge.

Pete is a freelance illustrator and caricature artist. He has illustrated many educational books over the years and was an Illustrator for SupaStrika Entertainment. 
His interests are comics, street art and character design.His main inspiration and interest comes from people .He mainly works in digital illustration, pencil and ink pen.
Pete Woo has a remarkable sense of chroma. Bold images are made more bold. He Often uses the eyes to tell of the atmosphere behind the viewer.The eyes transport you to the elsewhere, and the psychedelic chromatic paradox slips you into a state of child like wounder...

kEda Gomes.

kEda hides her insanity outside, which most would see as rather daft, but as the saying goes ‘in plain sight’. Besides insanity is so in, it has to be out which just turns into a viscous circle really, and kEda loves vicious circles the same way beards love bits of food. The idea of a vicious circle always brings on the beloved response “waka waka” – as her hand chomps joyously through the air at unseen edibles… or in the case of really annoying individuals – their heads.
kEda trained in traditional mediums before teaching herself how to work digitally – a process which requires a lot of patience, experimentation and persistence – a process that will hopefully continue to circle.
kEda may be chained to a desk in Cape Town but denies it and has been quoted in saying “I’m not in, please leave a message” – a response that can be quite awkward when visiting her small apartment.

Warren Talrmarkes.

 Warren Talmarkes is a photographer and designer from Cape Town. 
In the quest for the perfect shot, he’s taken over a kids’ jungle gym, torn his best pair of jeans and dodged his fair share of plastic beer cups when he's not creating cutting edge brand identities.
Warren has shot some of the biggest names in the music scene and his photographic work has appeared in national and international publications. 
He currently works as a graphic designer for a boutique agency based in Cape Town.

Christopher Beukes

By day Chris Beukes  produces educational and corporate titles for Strika Entertainment as an Art Director, and by night he beats chunks of his raw imagination into self published comics, swearing and bleeding over them until they escape his grasp and flee into the world. The most recent of these is a wildly ambitious collaboration with local Heavy Metal band, Strident, and is called Wrath. Its the Neverending Story all grown up, with lashings of punk, metal, arcade games, mad max and Conan. Toy customization is a relatively new area for him, but he's taking to it like a fat kid to custard. He finds writing about himself in the 3rd person oddly disconcerting. 


Greg Darroll.

I'm Greg, also known as Tokyo-Go-Go. Based in Durban, South Africa, I'm an illustrator, designer and general creator. Ultimately I try not to define what I do in a specific style. Variation is key to progress so I'm continually experimenting and learning. All whilst having as much fun with each project as possible.
Inspiration is drawn from almost anywhere but a lot of my work includes a bit of a humorous slant, simplified characters and of course a hint of Japanese culture.

I'm a toy collector, so always on the hunt for something to add to the shelf or to paint on. Appreciate the inclusion in the Toitoy Animal Life show.

Wihan Mouton.

About Me : .i am,.........the kid ( Wihan Mouton ).
 Born on the 23rd of Feb 1989, in a pot of ink.
 Freelance Artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.
 With Pencils,Pens,Markers,Paint & the wonders of Photoshop/Illustrator,
All my work becomes and show who i am.
 Every piece of art/creation is inspired by music, people, thoughts & dreams.
 My eyes see, my brain process, my heart loves, my hands create,......….ART.

Samantha Breakspear.

Sam is a South African designer and artist with a foot in both Cape Town and Durban. Hailing from a print design and illustration background, the cheerful smiles of her toy customs belie their creator's meticulous craft and pedantic attention to detail.
Often drawing from local influences and sights familiar to the city dweller, they become totem-like in their … ah whatever, she hates convoluted artist bios.
Sam is simply Sam (but without the gluten).

Paul Oxborrow.

Paul Oxborrow is a large, corporate advertising agency with a massive roster of enviable clients. In business since 2003, and one of Durban's premier collector of Star Wars action figures since way before then, the vinyl toy bug's bite was inevitable. One angry looking MadL custom later in collaboration with Toitoy and the agency re-defined it's style as a mash of retro pop and dire circumstance with a distinctly skate culture influence.

Robin Myles.

''I am an artist with a broad knowledge and experience towards the many different aspects and avenues of the creative and art culture where I am included in the fields of fine arts, music, writing (poetry), dancing and as well as my main occupation in my life being Animation. I am a student at 'The Animation School' in Woodstock, studying and embracing the wealthy knowledge and techniques of the art of animation. In the past I have been fortunate to have gone the Las Vegas and L.A. where I competed professionally in the 'World Hip HOP Dancing Championship' in Loews Lake, where with a team, had made it to the finals. Growing up on stage from the age of four, covering music, acting and dance, I have always remained true to my personal route of my creative influence and gifts, and maintaining it, by doing visual art. I had done many paintings for schools and have always been drown to help teach and develop misfortune and underprivileged children.
My most resent accomplishment and work piece I've done was compiling and creating the animation short calling ''Electro Man'' for the Electro store in Cape Town and in Durban airport. Within that short, I used the stop motion style of animation to create it where I featured, as a second main character, was ''Kid Royal'' of the Kid Rocket product.'' 

Francois Conradie.

Hi my name is Francois Conradie, but most people know me as Frank. 
I found myself not cut out for crime fighting and spandex, so I grew a beard and started drawing instead.
I like creative things and creative people, well most of them. 
Run Rabbit Run is my new home where I get to be creative and drink a lot of coffee.
In my spare time I sleep.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kronk x Pobber Toys - Vacation RADIATION "Toxic" BadAss color chase!!!

Maybe you will be the lucky one to get this 1 in 6 chase there are only 360 of the original Bad Ass made so there will be 60 world wide.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bad Ass: Stealth Edition by Kronk

Fresh from his holiday in San Diego, Bad Ass is now back to terrorize cities, cause mayhem and pulverize toys with his bare knuckles. This 9 inch vinyl ape reeks of badass and comes complete with spikes, rivets, sharp teeth and battle scars to prove it.

And if that doesn't scare you, maybe this will. Rumour has it Bad Ass took a radiation vacation in the Pacific and may have turned 'Toxic'.

The Stealth edition is in black, has 7 points of articulation and is limited to only 360 pieces worldwide. 

Bad Ass has no kill switch so all the other toys better run.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Pyramid Dunny by Andrew Bell

Here’s some pretentious art-speak about the concept:In the hands of hundreds of artists and customizers, the Dunny has constantly and repeatedly evolved into a new and exciting, yet familiar object. The Pyramidun pays tribute to the versatility of the design, while simultaneously removing itself from the base form that has defined it. It’s multi-faceted form invites the collector to create their own combination reflective of their style, mood or environment.” -Andrew BellEver evolving, Pyramidun Dunny is 16 Dunnys in one. A three-part pyramid replaces the iconic two-eared head, creating a figure of a different form. Each “face” of the pyramid has a different graphic – by turning each level of the pyramid, a new image appears. A tribute to the versatility of design, this 3-inch figure brings Dunny to a new dimension. Customization is truly at your fingertips.