Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mega MUNNY Glossy White, Black & Blue

Mega MUNNY gets glossy! Looking slick and polished in white, blue, and blackMega MUNNY Glossyis a beacon from the future; a future where you can draw on your Mega MUNNY, wipe clean, and draw again. Mega MUNNY Glossy has all of the customizing possibilities of matte Mega MUNNY with the addition of dry erase markers – or you can keep it just as it is: clean, elegant, and super smooth. Mega MUNNY Glossy arrives April 12.
If you are interested in getting one of these please contact me  

7-inch DIY TRIKKY, MUNNY, FOOMI & RAFFY will be available soon.

MUNNY and your favorite MUNNYWORLD characters are now 7-inches tall! Packaged in a closed box with one mystery accessory, practice sticker, and “Hello My Name Is” card, the new MUNNYWORLD figures are bigger and better than ever. Scribble on TRIKKY, create SiaMUNNY twins, craft a two-headed octopedRAFFY monster, or build a FOOMI army! Or… you could get just one, cherish it, and save the rest of your money for a leopard-print jetski. Arriving at Kidrobot and select retailers April 12.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Birro the Clown is inspired by an artist piece hand-crafted for the series, "Most Wanted: Artist Series 2" - a collective and custom Dunny series project curated by several Kidrobot Forums members, featuring some of the most sought after up-and-coming artists and customizers from around the globe.
From Mexican artist, Chauskoskis, comes Birro the Clown - a 3-inch Dunny who is sippin' on more than juice. The artist, who grew up with a pencil in one hand and clay in the other, is known in the vinyl community for his unique style and crazy characters. Full of color and personality, Birro is all of the things clown nightmares are made of. With his big red nose, suspenders, and green transparent bottle accessory, he'll ruin any birthday party! Get one for your next soiree or your collection, and hurry - only 1,000 of this deviant are available.