Saturday, June 11, 2011

Joe Ledbetter's exibition at Copro Gallery Santa Monica, CA

Follow this link to see more works that will be on display at The Copro Gallery.

Chris Ryniak – SDCC 5” Misfortune Cat in Black + GID

There have been several releases of this 8" figure by FERG and Playge look to drop artist edition versions. First to hit the release block is Chris Ryniak’s 5” Misfortune Cat featuring his OG sculpt first seen in 2010’s Misfortune Cat custom show. This special SDCC edition featuring matte black with glossy black accents + GID eye is limited to 100 pieces and will go for $45 from Munky King’s booth. This one is bound to be on many collectors’ ‘list’.

How i wish that i could be at SDCC to get this amazing piece.

The HOLE In The Middle Book + Dunny Signing At KRNY

KR founder, Paul Budnitz has just released his brilliant new children’s book, The HOLE in the Middle published by Hyperion Press. He will join DS2011 artist, Aya Kakeda at Kidrobot New York on June 23 for a exclusive signing of an extra special bundle that includes the book and a super-limited 3-inch Dunny designed by Aya and limited to 200 pieces. The festivities go from 6-8 pm and coincide with the trading party for the new Dunny Series 2011. This extra special Book + Dunny bundle will cost $40.00 and will also be available June 23 at all Kidrobot stores and

Post thanks to Kidrobot.

Daily Dunny Countdown – Kronk

As The countdown to the June 23 for the release of DS2011 is today’ Daily Dunny – Wing Nut by South African artist, Kronk. This series stand out has a re-sculpted dome which includes a pinwheel hat, a smoke stack for a tail and a case ratio of 2/20.
Keep a look out for Kronk’s extra special bones that come secretly packaged piece-by-piece in each blind box. ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Swatch Dunny By Tara McPherson

This is the amazing piece done by Tara McPherson for Swatch .

Something Special - Swatch x Kidrobot – Watch Collector’s Set

The much anticipated and leaked Swatch x Kidrobot Dunny + Watch collabo has been almost completely revealed with these new pics of a crazy (as in very cool) collector’s set which comes in a metal fold-out case complete with a 20” ‘stache Kozik Dunny as well as watches and matching Dunnys from Frank Kozik, Tilt, MAD, Joe Ledbetter, Jeremeyville, SSUR, Tara McPherson, & Gary Baseman. Pricing for this special set is said to be $1000 It may very well be the case that the Kozik 20” Dunnys is exclusive to this set, but only time (or another leak) will tell. Update: A few google searches seems to suggest that the OG leak came from Bozinovski Watches’ Facebook page [Seen on Vannen Watches].

Post thanks to Vinyl Pulse.

Dunny Series 2011 Worldwide Trading Parties

Dunny fever is spreading! Starting June 23, the spectacular new Dunny Series 2011 releases worldwide with trading parties going down at all Kidrobot Stores and Specialty retailers. To add to the excitement there will be 2 exclusive alternate colorways of the Zombie Dunny by Huck Gee that will be FREE with case purchases. There will be one blighted brown version on hand at shops in the Americas (North, Central and South) and the post-apocalyptic purple version will be available at International locations. Both versions are very limited and will also be available on and Find your nearest DS2011 trading party with our worldwide Google map.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Huck Gee "Zombie" Dunny 2011 Exlcusive Colourways

Once again Kidrobot will have a special colour way of one of the Dunny 2011 as a gift to you the client if you purchase a complete case of 20 dunny's.

It looks like their might be 3 colour ways of this piece.

Beast Brothers Calendario Azteca 8" Sacrificcio Dunny

Are you ready to try your luck at another incredible, completely custom, 8" Dunny release from the Beast Brothers... On Friday, June 10th 2011 - for only 24 Hours - you will have the chance to own one of their production like customs in the form of their “Calendario Azteca” Sacrificio 8” Dunny for $445.

Custom OREO Dunny Series By Shawn Wigs

KR loyalist and customizer, Shawn Wigs aka Wigalicious has taken two of his loves and created a yummy new set of custom 3-inch OREO Dunnys. This 9 piece blindboxed series is all hand sculpted and even has a rare Mint edition hidden in the mix. Swing by Shawn’s ebay store to add one of these sweet customs in you vinyl collection.

Daily Dunny Countdown – Betso

We are counting down to the exciting new release of Dunny Series 2011 on June 23. To celebrate this annual series, we will be displaying glorious photos of each design that make up this spectacular 18-piece collection.
Leading off in this countdown is the Snail Dunny designed by last year’s MUNNY MUNTH champion , Betso. This clever little design was originally a custom 8-inch Dunny created for the 5 Eyed Dragon show at Dragatomi. In this new series Snail Dunny will have a 1/20 ratio.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready for Bedtime Custom 7" Munny for Urban Decay II

This piece is called "Ready for Bedtime". It's based loosely off a design I did nearly a couple years ago for a mimobot contest. I liked the color scheme and the goofy smile so it's been back in my mind as a concept for a munny. It's a regular sized munny so with the leg extensions and ears it stand around 14 inches tall. This is a one-of-a kind piece and it will be showing and available for purchase all month long in Urban Decay II.

A Kidrobot x Мишка Keep Watch Dunny Chase Figure… Holla!

No need to hold your breath any longer. The 2011 Мишка Dunny has arrived in a blaze of chainsaw-massacring glory ready to skin your sister’s Barbie dolls alive. The beautiful minds over at Kidrobot finally succumbed to our relentless pressure and let us fuck with the Dunny form until it was almost unrecognizable. The 3-inch troublemaker is outfitted with a cute pair of blood-splattered overalls and a mini murder weapon to boot. Although we do choose favorites, all nineteen other cuddly collectables are delightfully deranged in their own special little way.
Each individual Dunny is blind-boxed, so you never know what twisted and ultra-limited artistic creation you’ll get. But ours is a chase figure, so yeah shit’s gonna be incredibly rare to get your grubby paws on. Oh and did I forget to mention that every one of these little terrors is complete with a trading card and puzzle piece that fits together to form an original, never-to-be-sold-anywhere Dunny that even we know nothing about.
In celebration of the series’ squishy arrival on Kidrobot shelves, there will be a release party, sporting an exclusive Hole In The Middle book signing at the Kidrobot New York store on the 23rd of this month. Don’t close your eyes cuz “They’re here.”