Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAp MAp Customs

UK artist, MAp MAp has manifested a new series of custom Dunnys. Found on the Kidrobot Forums, these characters come form a world all their own. Meticulously detailed on refurbished 3-inch platforms, this spectacular set of Dunnys all have names, backgrounds and personalities to boot. View more of MAp MAp’s custom toys and artwork on his Flickr page.

Gloomy Bear 5-Inch Threat Edition.

The naive child Pity adopted Gloomy Bear as a cub, thinking he could domesticate the cute little guy.

Unfortunately, that cuddly pink exterior had Pity fooled.

Standing at an imposing 5-inches, Gloomy Bear is thirsty for blood and primed to attack in this latest iteration of Mori Chack's vicious icon.

Watch this space for arrival date.

8" BIC Buddy DIY

New from BIC Plastics is D.I.Y 8" BIC Buddy!! This blank D.I.Y was designed strictly for creativity with clean large bold shapes and surface ready for you to customize! 8" D.I.Y is designed by artist Marka27 and is available in a matte white finish.

Truly a great vinyl canvas for customizing beginners and seasoned pros!
Watch this space for arrival date.

Ocran Ocinatas Tequila

Ocran Ocinatas Tequila.
The latest Kozik X Muttpop collaboration, Ocran Ocinatas Tequila is now officially available for purchase at your favorite Designer Toy Store. This super detailed figure comes with a removable poncho, rotating head, tons of tattoos, and the menacing glare of blood-red eyeballs!
Watch this space for arivale date.

Little Trickers by Touma

Well what can i say but they have finally released this amazing series by Touma.
Play Imaginative has officially launched Touma’s long-awaited Little Trickers minis in Singapore. The series features multiple sculpts including some of his most popular designs including Knuckle Bear, Hellhound, Skuttle, and more. We’ve enjoyed looking at the previously released PR images though we’ve wanted more – specifically bigger pics of each piece. So after the jump we have a look at the series figure by figure (at least the standard ones) – enjoy.
Watch this space for the arrival date.

Cobbler 8" Dunny by Tado

In a tiny hamlet deep in an enchanted forest, the Cobbler sports a happy face as he works tirelessly to make shoes for all the characters in TADO's whimsical universe.
This cheerful but fierce 8-inch Dunny from TADO bears the UK design team's distinctive style, playful appeal, and is an example of their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, such as the buttons, stitching and pocket full of tools on the shoemaker's apron.
Limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.
We have 6 on their way to us,watch this space for arrival dates.