Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pillaging Pop Culture by Task One and Tenacious Toys

Starting Sunday March 10th, 3 designs will be released at US$40 per piece or US$100 for all 3. A total of 18 characters to collect, with 3 designs released each fortnight, in a series of 6 release periods. Mind you, this will be a "blind boxed" styled release.
Click  here for the website.

Android Lucky Cat Series

Introducing the Android mini collectibles Lucky Cat Series! Created by designer Shane Jessup ( and produced by Dead Zebra, Inc ( these adorable Androids welcome wealth, prosperity and protection into your home or business. The series features 12 different cats in 9 different colors. Each window-boxed Lucky Cat Android features an accessory and a swinging arm. Pick your specific style of luck, or grab a whole case of good fortune for friends and family!