Friday, August 20, 2010

Kronk at Toitoy

This is one happy toy designer with his new Dunny 2010 toys.

Thanks Mark from Hello Vinyl for the picture.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Madl Bacon

Sket One Bacon will be released tomorrow at Kidrobot LA and NY whish i could be there!

The Finial Mystery Dunny 2010

The chases for Dunny Series 2010. This is 1/400 . Good luck if you want to complete the Dunny 2010 series.
( images via Rotofugi )

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well done on a really superb job.

Daily Dunny 2010 Day 18

Frank Kozik


Custom Toy Union Dunny Assassin Series

Dunny fever is running rampant this summer! Recently at SDCC, the Custom Toy Union exposed their first custom 3-inch Dunny series, Assassins. There are 18 artists from around the world involved in this DIY project. Each Assassin Dunny comes hand customized, with artist card and box. There are rare chase and color variants as well as an elusive Golden Ticket. Expand your original vinyl art collection with one of these impressive customs, only $50 at the Custom Toy Union’s webstore. Check out the CTU Forums to get to know the artists and get involved. Long Live Dunny!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Dunny 2010 Day 17

Triciops Studios

Triclops Studios are a creative Design Consultancy specializing in Toys and Games. By day they crank concept design work for internationally renowned mainstream toy companies, by night they cut, shut, pen & ink customs and designs for the 'urban vinyl' (or whatever you fancy calling it) scene.

Dunny inspiration

We often dissect and regurgitate toys to create our Cloppy customs, so the cannibalistic theme of Zombies is quite apt! We originally wanted to appropriate Kronk’s amazing Gingerbread Dunny for our 'Zombny', though the icing detail was molded in so Kidrobot kindly re-sculpted with 'Eat Me' emblazoned on the back and a pop-out brain in true Zombie fashion!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dunny 2010 Release party.

Hi All
We will be having the release of the new Dunny 2010 series at Toitoy V&A waterfront on Thursday 19th August 2010 at 18H00.

There will be special release party giveaway to a few lucky people who purchase a full sealed case of Dunny 2010 on the night.

We hope to see you there.


Dunny 2010 packaging.

Here are the pictures of the packaging for the Dunny 2010 series done by

Sket One.

Daily Dunny 2010 Day 16

The Beast Brothers

Born in an Aztec temple, deep inside the jungles of Mexico, The Beast Brothers spent most of their childhood developing their unique and distinct style. Through the years, this royal pair has used their mighty twin powers to create memorable works of Art.
My inspiration.
Techno Viking doesn't take any shit on the street or the dance floor. So turn the music up and get your glow sticks ready cuz this Viking loves raves, milkshakes and pillaging!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sket One

Sket one is going to kill us in this series the same way as Travis Cain did in series 2009.
There is a Red Ketchup and Yellow Mustard now there is a Green Sweet Relish. This One will be available to customers who buy a case of Dunny Series 2010 and will probably be on a first come first serve basis.
I am getting some of these for the release party so you snooze you will lose.
His final design in this series is the last to be revealed BOOM BOOM.
Jesse Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez's art combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. He currently works full time as Host and Producer of “Vinyl Addiction,” Art Director/Co-Creator of cartoon series "The Nutshack," and freelances through his company Immortal Studios. His artwork has been featured in multiple publications and he has released vinyl toys in collaboration with several companies, while continuing to show his art in galleries around the world.

My Inspiration

Dios Murcielago ('Bat God')This design represents the Bat as the messenger of the underworld or "Mictlan" to the Aztecs. Bats were known as Quimichpapalotl, or Butterfly mice, and held in very high regard. This bad boy demands his respect; diss him and you'll be passing on to the other-side with a quickness.

Daily Dunny 2010 – Day 14


I am an illustrator and product designer based in New York City and a graduate of Parsons New School for Design. Some of my past and ongoing projects have included magazine and book illustrations, advertisements, stationery, and textile design.

My Inspiration.

I made "Knitty" because of my love of knitting and I wanted to turn the tough Dunny into a super cute and feminine character.