Saturday, January 15, 2011

Azteca Dunny Series 2

Kidrobot has set up a incredible site for the release of this new series, follow this link to experience the magic.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Poster for our Custom Show

Dr. Dunmore Taggert Customs by Huck Gee

Huck Gee has released his first custom for the year and was gone within seconds.

Dr. Dunmore Taggert is limited to 10 signed and numbered pieces.

Jeff Soto’s New Earth Seeker

Standing 11” tall, the Earth Seeker by Jeff Soto brings a calming vibe with a green gradient design and moose-like antlers. This is another large design by Jeff.
Please let me know if you would like to get this amazing piece.

Kronk at Toitoy

Hi All
Join us at our new shop 49 Kloof street Gardens on this Saturday 15th January 2011 between 10 and 12 to meet Kronk.
We hope to see you there.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reddprime - Custom 7" Munny "Chappies" for ToiToy Show

Reddprime had a few different Munny concepts for the upcoming ToiToy Custom Show happening 10th February at their freshly opened store on Kloof St, Cape Town. He finally decided on Chappies for his design for the "Africa" themed custom show, and went about chewing and unwrapping a bucket load of the popular Chappies Bubblegum, using the wrappers to cover the Munny and the chewed gum to make a mold that would finally be cast in resin for the base. The custom came out brilliantly, total and fantastic homage to everyone's favorite bubblegum, the show at ToiToy will be taking place 10th February, and will showcase awesome African themed Munny's by some of South Africa's top artists including Jordan Metcalf, Adam Hill, Emma Cook, Ben Johnston, Cassandra Johnson, Jade, Kronk, Sindiso, Paul Senyol, Bruce Mackay, Simon Berndt, Shaun Swainland, Theory One, Sam Breakspear, Reddprime, Faith, Cashrill, Bison and Daniel Ting Chong.
49 Kloof St
Cape Town
South Africa

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Empress of the Underworld Hello Kitty

Empress of the Underworld Hello Kitty6-Inch
by Frank Kozik

San Francisco-based artist, Frank Kozik, teams up with Kidrobot and Hello Kitty creator Sanrio and reimagines Japan's coolest cat.
The Empress, wicked in red and flashing fangs, forked feet and devilish horns, comes with appropriately malevolent accessories - a pitchfork and a spider sidekick.

Coming soon to Toitoy

Bad Badtz Maru

Bad Badtz Maru6-Inch
by Amanda Visell

Playful penguin Badtz Maru gets a bold blue makeover from LA-retro artist Amanda Visell in this exclusive Kidrobot x Sanrio collaboration.
With more than the usual fire in his belly - it's Hello Kitty, in fact - this mischievous first-grader is clearly content.
Bad Badtz is the final figure in more
Coming soon to Toitoy.

Junkocat Chococat

Junkocat Chococat6-Inch
by Junko Mizuno

Seldom straying from her subterranean post-apocalypse lair, Sanrio's Hello Kitty pal Chococat gets a brave new world make-over by Japanese manga mistress, Junko Mizuno.
This kitty is hauntingly cute, featuring wild eyes, a third ear and Junko's signature imprinted on the back of her mutated head. more ...
Junkocat is the third in a series of Sanrio characters to be reinterpreted by different artists
Coming soon to Toitoy.


Welcome to Kidrobot’s monthly custom Dunny giveaway, KING OF THE BOARDS. It highlights one of the many talented artists and esteemed Forums members while giving you a crack at collecting one of their original art toys. The Kidrobot Forums is breeding ground for vinyl customizers and toy collectors to share and discuss all things Kidrobot. Now is your chance to enter and win this one of kind 8-inch Dunny by Grimsheep. Email with what you think this bad boys name should be by 2pm EST next Thursday, January 13 to enter in the random drawing. Please title your entry email Grimsheep Dunny.
Starting the new year off right is this month’s KING OF THE BOARDS, Grimsheep. Coming strait out of Vacationland, Grimsheep aka Owen DeWitt applies production quality paint work of bright bold beautiful characters to all things vinyl and kills it every time. He recently exhibited work in the Custom MUNNY Show at Kidrobot Miami and has been featured here on the KRonikle in the past. He has spent the last few years illustrating, web designing and assaulting platform toys. We asked Grimsheep what’s up, to see what makes him tick.