Saturday, September 18, 2010

PHU's "Rebel" Yoka vector turnarounds...

Last but not least in the line of production Yoka's set to be released at this years NYCC 2010 via the MyPlasticHeart booth #2879 for $15 each, is none other than PHU as he brings his futuristic neo-nuclear designs to this platform toy. The color pallet is not very dynamic as it's grayscale, but what it lacks in color it really makes up in design as this figure looks great! adFunture did another stellar job on this piece and a huge congrats goes out to PHU for being recognized and getting in on this fierce threesome along with Mortorbot and Reactor-88!

"Roadkill Motorcycle Club" custom by Hugh Rose

We have been dazzled with custom from Hugh Rose before, but instead of his normal affair we are familiar with, Hugh took a new approach to customizing his latest Munny commission as he dug a little deep into the dark side of his mind to created the "Roadkill Motorcycle Club" custom. This figure is 100% awesome, from the color pallet used to the amazing detailing of line work and textures throughout the entire piece... really cool! This was commissioned by CTU member Matt A. and if your looking for a sick custom, hit up Hugh via as he is available to do your bidding :-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sket One's custom 8" Bacon Swine Flu Edition

Now this is some great news... artist Sket One does a fantastic job of creating a character and transferring it to different platforms... and that is exactly what he has done with his "Bacon" character. First seen on a 3" Dunny, then on a 3" Bic Buddy, and hopefully soon a 5" MAD*l this character has some charisma, and now this Friday, March 12th, 2010 at 12PM PST, Sket One will be releasing an edition of 10, 8" custom "Swine Flu Edition' Dunny's! These awfully gory customs come decked out in scrubs, and a blood filled syringe. Each is signed, numbered and will retail for $475 at Sket's Big Cartel Store HERE... these are great, that syringe is a nice touch for sure!

Gizmo gets the MEGA treatment...

Artist Kristy Anne Ligones has been featured on here before where she tackled the 8" Dubai based platform MEGA figure... and well, she did it again on the same platform, as she created a really cool custom of Gizmo from Gremlins! She also added a surprise Lil' Gremlin or Mogwai in his bag... really great use of this platform and another stellar custom from Kristy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Designer Collection Series 6

Keep you eyes open we are on our way to you !

5" Mini Qee Samurai Pumpkin GID version by JonPaul Kaiser!!

Munky King Presents: Luke Chueh – Black In White (& Red All Over) Signing & Release (10.02)

On Saturday, October 2nd, Munky King will be releasing the second colorway of Luke Chueh’s Black In White figure. The Black In White & Red All Over is an MK Exclusive and is limited to 250 pieces worldwide. They will be available during Luke’s signing from 4-7PM and at the release party from 7-10PM. There will also be a limited edition print, shirts, and other goodies.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Custom Control – Skateboard Dunny By COOB Originals

Vermont artist, COOB Originals has out done himself with his latest creation, a custom 3-inch Dunny sculpted from broken skateboards. This one of a kind is a truly inspiring adaptation of the Dunny platform and a wonderful expample of Custom Control. COOB, primarily working with recycled materials, creates upcycled skateboard jewelry and accessories. Check out more COOB Originals on his Etsy store.

REVEALED – Dunny Series 2010 Golden Ticket

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dunny ????

Charming Custom Skumbo By Task One

For artist Task One, no vinyl is off limits. Here, he has taken Tristan Eaton’s 2005 character, Skumbo and created an emotional custom for a very special friend entitled, To Be Named. Check out Task One’s website for more amazing one of a kind art toys.

Custom 10" Teddy Troop from Rsin

Rsin continues to wow us all with his amazing customs. He made this rad Teddy Troop for a fellow KidRobot forum boardie to go in their kids nursery/bed room... LUCKY kid!!!! Rsin says that he "Wasn't given anything specific to do, except make it kinda panda in the whisper style. I wanted to use bright colors and also make it a bit shinny, both things I know young children are drawn too." So he took that direction and ran with it and sculpted out the face, stomach, and added some wicked looking ears then he added his patented whisper face to both the helmet and the face. The colors that Rsin uses really make the figures pop... and each one he completes they get tighter and tighter... amazing! Hit up his Flickr HERE for more pics including a dope 20" custom Van Orlax!!!

New YORKA... 3 new Yoka designs by Motorbot, Reactor88, and PHU for NYCC 2010

adFunture just released images of 3 awesome new production Yoka's by 3 very deserving artists that have been at the grind doing customs for years now, so these are very well deserved. First up is Motorbot as he give us his classic monster magic, which translated very well over to this platform. Next up is Reactor88's sweet tribal inspired pattern design, as well PHU's neo-futuristic "Rebel Pilot" inspired Yoka. All three of these are set to be released at this year's NYCC... more details as they roll in, but congrats to all 3 of these artists once again!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Custom Showcase Dunnys by ZAM and Jon-Paul Kaiser

One of the coolest "surprise" with my recent trip to Thailand for CLEA, was the opportunity to see two hand-painted custom Dunnys by two equally talented artists, up close! Heck, I even borrowed them for display at my booth! And of course I had to snap to my fill of these awesome work (no over-hyping here, I assure you folks) and exclusively share it with you folks here! CLICK THRU to have a look at Jon-Paul Kaiser's YETI KONG and ZAM's super-swell villain-Dunny, both completed for a swap amongst both artists!