Friday, September 28, 2012

Agent K 3-inch Dunny Preview

Agent K, armed with a memory ray in-hand, walks through life taking aim and capturing the things our fragile minds often forget, keeping them intact and at the ready for retrieval. Only when we most need them does he release his prized catches – whispering them gently back to us.
The 3-inch Agent K Dunny by Pennsylvania-based artist and customizer Rsin features a uniquely sculpted head and vibrant magenta and green paints. Dunny puts his ray gun to work beginning October 12 and exclusively available at New York Comic Con Kidrobot Booth 2909. Limited to 1,200 pieces world wide, Agent K retails for $14.95.
Meet Rsin at our NYCC booth this year for a very special release signing Friday, October 12 from 12-2pm. More details on NYCC to come. Stay tuned…

KRNY Exclusive Silver King Dunny Release

As part of the Kidrobot X anniversary celebration, Kidrobot New York will be serving up the super limited Silver King 8-inch Dunny by Tristan Eaton. This KRNY exclusive anniversary release will be very high in demand and extra low in supply, limited to 300 worldwide, only $50 each. In order to level the playing field, KRNY will be busting out a very limited daily allotment for all 10 days and drawing random names for a chance to buy one and only one Silver King. All names entered daily will be in the running all throughout the entire Kidrobot X exhibition. The daily winners will be contacted once and only once via email. Winners will have 24 hours and only 24 hours to respond and confirm your toy. All winners (with ID) must be present at KRNY to purchase the Silver King before Wednesday, October 24.