Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grimsheep and Happy Panda Toys present

Happy Panda Toys and Grimsheep have been creating this new release that will be dropping some time this year.It looks like a blind box series with some mystery pieces in it. I am looking forward to seeing more about this collection.

Blue Edition O-NO Sashimi by Andrew Bell’s for SDCC

Andrew Bell has said that together with his Green Version he will be releasing a Blue edition exclusive to SDCC this year.This Blue edition is limited to 250 units.For those that wont be there stay tuned to a special release of some of them from the Dead Zebra Store.

Dirty Donny Dunny 2011

This is a dunny with a difference dressed in a cloak that is removable and a piece of timber with nails in it. Cant wait to see it without the cloak as well. It is a 1/20 ratio.

64 Colors 2011 Dunny

This must be the most beautiful dunny i have seen in a long time. 64 Colors work is fantastic and becoming one of my favorites. This Dunny comes in two colorways, pink— which has a ratio 2/20 and a rare white version that is 1/100.

Good luck in trying to get both.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THE GODDESS by Doze Green

Here is the latest release by Kidrobot's black editions.

This 20 inch piece created by Doze Green is limited to 200 and will be sold for $500.00.

Follow this link to read more

MAD Dunny 2011

Here is MAD’s new Zombie Biker. This killer design will be running rampant in 2 glow-in-the-dark colorways. The blue version has a common ratio of 1/20 and the green version will remain a mystery.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Joe Ledbetter – ‘Wrecks and Dazey’ Release @ Meltdown

Analog Playset officially released Joe Ledbetter’s ‘Wrecks and Dazey’ two figure set @ Meltdown Comics in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon. First created for an illustration gracing the cover of Motion City Soundtrack’s ‘My Dinosaur Life’ album, the unlikely duo of a friendly T-Rex and a cunning bee have made the jump to 3D in vinyl.
Prior to Joe’s signing, Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre entertained the crowd with an acoustic performance. In addition to purchasing the brand new Wrecks and Dazey, Joe’s fans brought plenty of other treasured items for signing including many of his previously released toys including Smash, Pico and Wilshire and more. Joe also signed several ‘My Dinosaur Life’ albums and a Motion City Soundtrack book.
As you can see in the photo above and several after the break, Joe brought along the upcoming mono ‘Fossil’ edition of Wrecks and Dazey which will drop this summer. Limited to 300 pieces, this one features brand-new deco in the form of nicely executed skeletal details. After Fossil ? Lava (green + black) based on the Fossil Edition. Run? 100 pieces.

Posting thanks to Vinyl Pulse.

Toitoy monthly give away.

Hi All

Well starting from today until the end of the month we will be having a give away for all our customers either at the shop or online. When you purchase anything place your name , email and cell number on the till slip and hand it to the shop assistant,all the web orders will also be added to the hat and at the end of the month we will draw out of a hat one lucky person who will win. The winner will win a green version of Joe Ledbetters slander snake.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coop Dunny LA Series 2006

This is still one of my favorite designs done by Coop for the LA series.This was limited to 200 pieces.

I got mine by winning a bet.

Dunny 2011 Release party.

We will be privileged to have our own local hero Kronk at our store on Thursday 23rd June 2011 for the release of the 2011 Dunny Series. Come down to the new shop at 49 kloof street between 17H00 and 19H00 hours to meet up with Kronk and get your fix.

We will also have a special release giveaway from Kidrobot for purchases of a complete box of dunny's while stocks last.

We hope to see you soon.

Mr. Frames Dunny for 2011

Dunny Series 2011 Bubblegum machine design by UK graffiti artist, This sweet design has a case ratio of 3/40.

Elphonso Lam Dunny For 2011

Here is the dunny by Hong Kong cartoonist, Elphonso Lam. This rockin’ new design comes equipped with a mic stand and has a ratio of 1/20.