Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crappy Cat series 1 sneak peaks

Crappy cat will be releasing a series soon, here are a few peaks at some of the toys we can expect. I cant wait for this release.

You can see more at

"Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee" custom 8" Dunny by Kevin Gosselin for G40 Art Summit

When an artists goes quiet for a little while it's either one of two things... either they have stopped doing art completely, or they have been mad busy with tons of projects, the second of the two is the case for artist Kevin Gosselin as he is not only getting pieces ready for his 3-man show at Dragatomi next week, but he also completed this amazing custom 8" Dunny titled "Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee" for the custom vinyl show at the G40 Art Summit in DC on May 20th - June 17th! Kevin states that "Originally I was just going to do another rock golem piece but in the style of the red rocks of Utah but when I finished I felt it didn't have the personality I had hoped for. I knew I need something else so I decided to add a supporting character. When reading up on what animals would be present in that environment I came upon a still of Beaky Buzzard and Bugs Bunny. As I am a huge fan of the old Warner Brothers Looney Tunes I was immediately sold." It's really cool to hear the story about the piece and visually see the progression that Kevin took to get it to where it is now, and the incorporation of the WB characters is just awesome... and just look at this, friggen super impressive! Great work Kevin, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for your show at Dragatomi :-)

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Huck Gee released the Shogun and Geisha in 2007

In 2007 Huck Gee brought out this 4 piece series with Kidrobot. The Blue ones where available from selected retailers and the Red from Kidrobot website and shops.This series was limited to 300 of each design.
We where Lucky to be selected to sell the blue set i do hope we get the next series also.

Huck Gee 8" Dunny "Raku" Release

The next 8" Dunny to be released by Kidrobot will be by Huck Gee. The Raku set. This will actually be a 4 piece set, 1 set released only from Kidrobot and the other from selected retailers. This will be a day and night versions.They will also be released in two colorways, Red and Black. The Red 8-inch Raku Dunnys (Night & Day versions) are Kidrobot exclusives, sold only at Kidrobot stores and on May 19th. The Black 8-inch Raku Dunnys (Night & Day versions) will be available exclusively at specialty retailers on May 26. All four versions will retail for $100 each.

We will hopefully be getting them in, watch this space.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Welcome to Kidrobot’s amazing custom giveaway, KING OF THE BOARDS. This featured contest pays mad respect to one of the many insanely talented artists in the awesome vinyl community known as the Kidrobot Forums and gives you a shot to win an original art toy. Now is your chance to score this exclusive custom 8-inch Dunny, GEARHEAD by Phu. To enter, email with an image of your favorite custom Dunny of all time (it’s ok if you have more than one) by 2pm EST next Thursday, May 12 to enter in the random drawing. Please title your entry email All Hail Phu!
Hailing from Singapore is the internationally renowned artist, Phu! This custom creator of phuturistic art utilizes recycled parts for his robotic ways. This featured exclusive is appropriately titled GEARHEAD and is re-constructed using brass rivets, found objects, gashapon acrylic spheres, plastic pellets and wire. Phu has exhibited his work in exhibitions and galleries around the world (recently at myplasticheart with Rhoby) and inspired many of his peers over the years in the worldwide custom scene. We recently caught up with Phu to get the nuts and bolts to what makes him tick.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Munny World competition.

Here are some of the entries into the Munny World competition that is on at present.

You can vote for your favorite one on the web site until 13 May 2011.

There are hundreds to chose from. Well done to all that entered.

Lunartik Tour to Vienna

The Lunartik tee cup show is heading for Vienna from 5th to the 6th of May at the Sixxa store.

Tara McPherson - The Loyal Subjects - Light Switch Cover

The Loyal Subjects brings Tara McPherson’s bring you her light switch covers.

These are available from

Brandt Peters and Ferg , Trouble Boy No. 10

Brandt Peters and Ferg have created trouble with this new Trouble Boy No 10 Squant.

There are only 250 pieces made and will be available on Monday 9th May at middat at the Squadt Store.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foomi done by ???

i decided to have fun and draw on a toy, it was great fun and here is my creation.