Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Toxic Avenger - Custom Mini Munny

This is taking customising to another level, the detail and quality of this piece is fantastic. Done by Adam Whitnall.

"I chose The Toxic Avenger as I was thinking of a cult character that would work well with a tonne of UV paint on it! After speaking with Joe at Bottleneck Gallery, we decided that Toxie would be a pretty cool choice. I think this is around my tenth custom since I started last summer.

Custom Munny by Mike Strick.

When I was kindly invited to exhibit at the first ever ToyCon UK, I felt it deserved something special. I had recently enjoyed sculpting skin textures for some mask projects and thought that it might be interesting to apply the same techniques to a vinyl custom. My plan was to make a Mega Munny look like a real creature - what if the Munny design was based on actual humanoid beings; what might they look like? I hoped the result would be eye catching and a little unsettling. The completed custom is about 53cm tall.

Complete details of the build are here.

This is truly an amazing custom.

Android blind box series by Grimsheep.

Their latest Artist custom blind box series by Grimsheep will release on Wednesday April 10th at Noon PST.  This series consists of 20 pcs with 4 different designs available.

There will be a limit of 2 blind boxes per person / household and will retail for $90 each.  

Available only on

Monday, April 8, 2013

Torch Mini Munny by Fuller Design

FLAME ON!!! Torch is looking to burn up the town and any bad guys along the way.
He is made of 4" munny and has sculpted flames. He is painted with acrylic and airbrush paints.
He is a 1/1 item and was sold for $ 125.00.