Saturday, November 3, 2012

Apocalypse 3-inch Dunny Series

Are you ready for the release of this latest dunny series on Thursday 8th November 2012.
This is a limited series so we are receiving 256 pieces in total, so if you don't get here early and get your Christmas presents on the day you might end up having no dunny's.

Frank Kozik Mecha Dunny Silver Edition.

Our stock of the Mecha Dunny will be arriving on Monday mid-day, only 6 available so don't miss out.

Kidrobot ‘Bots Mini KidHoHoHo

KidHoHoHo makes the holidays fun and awkward free, unlike obligatory office parties and adults dressed as elves at the mall.
Sculpted in vinyl, with rivets mimicking tin construction, the 3-inch KidHoHoHo sports the quintessential holiday red suit with black belt, boots, and gloves, complete with white beard, eyebrows, and mohawk under his red and white vinyl hat. Boxed with a non-removable vinyl key – an ode to his wind-up tin brothers of yore. 1 in 10 are for those more naughty than nice. Get your holiday on beginningNovember 15 at Kidrobot stores and

Kozik's - Mecha Dunny MDA1 Tactical Assault Unit

Only 300 Released of this beast.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Apocalypse 3-inch Dunny Series

Dunny celebrates the end of the world with a group of artists so badass, you’ll wish every year prophesized mass destruction. Angels of death, soapbox protestors, Mayan feathered serpents, toxic meltdowns – so many versions of Doomsday, how do you choose just one way to go?
The Apocalypse Dunny Series features 15 Judgment Day designs by 12 masters of their craft – from fine artists and illustrators, customizers and toy titans – this series is cataclysmic. The collection includes designs by Jon Paul Kaiser, Mishka, Jermaine Rogers, Jesse Hernandez, Sam Fout, Joe Ledbetter, Ron English, Huck Gee, Patricio Oliver, Chris Ryniak, Hydro74, and Kronk.
An ode to the era when people still walked on Earth, you should line them up with the rations under your garage, because even canned sardines need friends. The end begins November 8 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers.