Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sket One Vs. MAD 4-foot Dunny Battle.

This is what you get when 2 Great designers go into battle.
The Dunny showdown of the year has come to a bloody conclusion! MAD’s Mr. Frosty went head to head with Sket One’s Bad Juju design over the past 2 days at our Slate Booth in Las Vegas. MAD and Sket kept their social feeds flooded with work-in-progress updates of these 2 massive customs.

Ironclad Decimator Dunny - coming soon

Professor Teslastein jaggedly cuts, bending back the metal flesh.  Feverishly he works to create new vehicles of destruction for his nefarious exploits. Two models take shape from the scraps: in one he plants a vine to give it strength and in the other he gives a piece of himself. The Frankendunnys come alive. He leaves his laboratory, happy with his success, not noticing a third figure has risen from the decay. Concealed in the shadows, its eyes are glowing, gears are turning, and electric current is pulsing with life.
Doktor A’s 8-inch Ironclad Decimator Dunny is available in two editions: the first is shades of metallic silver and gold, with a uniquely sculpted head and body, and transparent blue lightening bolt accessory between the ears. This edition is a KR Exclusive and only available at Kidrobot stores and The Mecha Rupture Edition is matte pink with a black and white high gloss head and details, a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a black transparent lightening bolt. The Mecha Rupture edition is aWholesale Exclusive and only available at select retailers worldwide.
Each produced in a limited edition of 600 with a 1 in 6 chase.
These will release on 6th September 2012.
Regular Edition

Mecha Rupture Edition

Friday, August 24, 2012


Kaws is releasing this incredible piece today Friday 24th August 2012 at Noon EDT.
This piece is called Companion resting place. There is no indication of the price but it will be expensive.
Follow this link to get your one 

Dweezil by Kronk

We will be getting our shipment in on Monday of Kronks latest release Dweezil.
If you have not booked on you had better hurry as there are only 2 left.