Saturday, May 11, 2013


Andrew Bell and MPHLabs team up to bring the MPH logo to life in a versatile and unique platform figure called A-Type.
Special blue edition is a Dead Zebra exclusive, each comes signed and numbered by Andrew!
  • Signed/Numbered Edition of 50
  • Figure has articulated arms.
  • Approximately 6" tall & 8" wide
Releasing 14-05-2013 @ 12H00 EDT.


Haganenokiba High Guard edition

"The Haganenokibas represent the elite of the Thousand fangs, and among them, the High Guard serves as the personal escort of the Commander Owatatsumi. Very best of their kind, they master the Polearm with agility and power at a point that it is said that none of them ever fell in combat. The rare who survived an encounter with one of them can recall with fear the destructive fury that they can lay on the battleground."

The Haganenokiba High guard is a limited series of 20 handcrafted custom Dunny figures. Standing a little bit over 3 inch, they feature a very detailed sculpt and beautiful shadings. Each piece comes with its numbered artist card.
$120 per figure and available now in our online store. Please count 2 weeks before shipping.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

9" Misfortune Cat for SDCC 2013?!?!

Ferg just dropped a bomb over on the C&D forums, as he mentioned in the '9" Misfortune Cat' thread the very scant "SDCC 2013"... which to me means that there will be one up for grabs! Now, all of this is speculation... just like that image mockup I put together that you see above... but if Ferg mentioned it in the thread, I can only assume that we will be seeing one at the convention. I am sure we will be seeing more concrete info in the coming months, so stay tuned... and in the meantime... get excited!

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James Jarvis – God of Animation

Check out this amazing 10 inch King Ken with 6 arms and 3 eyes from James Jarvis.
I will try and get him in, if you are keen on getting him please contact me.

Some Custom Dunny's

I came across these amazing custom dunny's done by the various artists.

                                                            Kevin Gosselin:

                                  Sekure D


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Chaos Bunny teaser!

Hey all you Joe Ledbetter fans... check out what was teased this morning... the next Chaos Bunny vinyl figure coming soon from The Loyal Subjects, and it's a "Pirate", Yarrrrrrrrr!!! This is really cool, and no, it's not a one-off resin pieces. This falls in line with the most recent 'Chaos Bunnies' series, so there should be plenty to go around... hopefully! One thing that set's this piece apart from the rest though is the pirate sword... so awesome!!! We really don;t have anymore info other than that, so stay tuned!

Drone Support

So after a three month hiatus after the birth of my second child, I am back with the “Sonic Support Drone” and in so the completion of the Drone Series. I have really enjoyed this set of customs and each has evolved one step more than the lost with the Sonic Support Drone being the most tailored piece yet. Check out all the pics after the hop and let me know what you think.

This is the final piece in this 3 part edition. Great work love them all.