Friday, October 19, 2012

Huck Gee – The Foot Soldier

Huck Gee is out with a brand new limited custom release. Introducing the Foot Soldier, another amazing accessorized custom piece from Huck. This Monkey tailed assassin comes with a number of weapons, including two stainless steal kunai and a dagger. This run is limited to 10 pieces for $750 each. They will be available at a first come first serve basis. Send your inquiries to sales[at]huckgee[dot].com.

Original post from Vinyl pulse.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

JLed Breathes Fresh Fire With The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subject together with Joe Ledbetter is creating the iconic Fire Cat in a 4 Foot version. Made of fibreglass this will be available in 4 different colours.Red 7 pieces, Ice 4 pieces, Mono 5 pieces and Lave 3 pieces.
They will sell for between $5500.00 - $6000.00 each.