Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coarse Toys - Casting Shadows

Slide open the heavy hand crafted cardboard box by pulling at the woven 'noop' and 'nism' tags. Uncover the box contents — two vinyl figures, the longing nism [4''] and huddled noop [7'']. Set up the fabric paw! kite, and let the noop hold the string tight in his hand. The paw! kite will float high in the sky [14''], casting his shadow onto the two torn friends. A set of c-o-a-r-s-e type leaves complete this lyrical scenery, full of desperation.
casting shadowsloser — hkg edition[limited to 200 pcs]

HK$ 2488.00 Price includes global airmail shipping.

On sale May 3, 2011 — exclusively at coarsehkg.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gary Baseman does it again

Introducing Slugilicious. My new creature by Arts Unknows. "He may look like he is standing still, but he is...
i cant wait for this to be released.

Scrap Dunny custom series by Efo Tercero

The “Scrap Dunny” series is a set of beautiful customs by mexican Graphic Designer & toy customizer, Efo. Each Dunny is flocked in a different colour, with matching coloured details and bouquet of flowers. Every dunny comes in its own hand made cardboard and wooden packaging.

I really can’t praise these enough, I mean I know a lot of smoke is blown up arses in the vinyl world, but these are genuinly a treat to look at and remind me that there’s still life in Dunny as a platform yet.

James Jarvis Celebrates 125 Years Of Coca-Cola

UK artist and King Ken creator, James Jarvis has recently teamed up with Coca-Cola to celebrate the beverage company’s 125th anniversary with a series of special edition cans. There are 6 fresh designs sporting Amos Toys inspired characters. Cheers!

Day 1 Shadow Serpent Dunny Signing At KRNY

Last night Kidrobot New York was rocking out with their fangs out as Marka27 was in the house for a pre-release signing of his new Shadow Serpent Dunny. Fans, friends and family came through to be the first ones to get their hands on the new design. His amazing one-of-kind 20-inch custom African Minigod Dunny was keeping him company as it was blasting the tunes all night long.
Marka will be hitting up the West Coast signing at our Kidrobot Los Angeles tonight from 6-8 pm. He will then close the 3-city signing tour tomorrow night at Kidrobot San Francisco.

How i wish i could have been there or even at any of the signings.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Smokin Labbits Series 4

we will be restocking smokin labbits series 4 again due to many requests, only 100 units will be available..

Marka27 Serpent 8" Dunny

serpent dunny will be available from our shop at 49 kloof street gardens on Saturday 23rd April .
stock is limited.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jon Paul Kaiser – Custom PAWS

Well he has done it again, creating a incredible version of Paws. He is called Pain And Fury as he has tatted this on his Knuckles.