Saturday, June 25, 2011

Killjoy Dunny 20 inch.

Straight out of South Africa, Kronk's 20-inch Killjoy Dunny invokes summer's delight at first blush. But look closer and you'll discover a far more dark and sinister vibe; the hollow stare of the round white eyes, flowered frowns, the fresh wound in the back.
Complex and powerful in black high gloss, Killjoy just tells it like it is; maybe summer isn't all it's Kronked up to be. Features an articulated head and arms, and blue, pink, yellow and white gloss details.
Limited to only 350 pieces worldwide

This will be released on 30 June 2011.

Kronks Puzzle.

As part of the Dunny 2011 series Kronk has a special mystery piece.
Every time you purchase a box inside the box in a sealed black plastic bag is a piece that make up this puzzle piece.There are 10 pieces to complete the piece.

Kronk this is really a incredible piece, you have shown us one again that you are a legend.

Well done are proud of you.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dunny 2011 Release Party

Well folks what can i say but great fun was had by all that attended the release of Dunny 2011 last night at the shop.

Thanks to Kronk for being there and revealing to us with his GID skeleton that we mus find the PINK heart to complete it, you are a cruel bugger.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dunny 2011

Well with 24 hours to go we are all set for the release of Dunny 2011.

Kronk will be in store to meet you and even a doodle if you are lucky.

We will see you tomorrow at 6pm sharp don't be late or you could miss out on getting the special give away with all display cases sold. Remember we have only received a few-you snooze you loose.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dunny 2011 has arrived

Well we are all set for Thursday 23rd June 2011 for the release of Dunny 2011.

The plane landed earlier this time so we will release the same day as Kidrobot.

Don't forget we also have a limited give away for people who purchase a full display case at the launch , so you snooze you will loose. Stocks are limited so its a first come first serve basis for the give away.

We will also have Kronk in store for a signing so come on down and meet him.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bitbots Jinny 6" Bigtop by Jon Burgerman.

Check out this 6" Bitbot that is up for pre-order at

Limited to 500. Pre-order now - free shipping.

UNKL’s SDCC Exclusive 6” Hazmapo

Hey UNKL fans! You better hope you got your SDCC ticket secured, because they have a treat for all of you! Releasing at the Toynami booth is their SDCC Exclusive 6” Hazmapo figure. We hope to hear some updated news on this release soon, such as release dates, times, and most importantly pricing! This is a figure you definitely have to fit into your list!

Posted by Kristoffer

Artist, Squink. This bright orange carnivore is based on the brilliant custom Ken The Tiger, has a case ratio of 1/20 .

Le Merde Dunny 2011

This monsterific cyclops is based on Le Merde’s vinyl character Bangal Price and has a ratio of 1/20.

Chuckboy Dunny 2011

This cute and twisted design by Chuckboy contains the world’s smallest TRIKKY and has a case ratio of 2/20.

I wanted to create a very new and unique dunny. I frequently experiment with different KR products of different scale together. Rather than use a smaller Dunny as the rider character, I decided to use the newer TRIKKY to have a different look. I imagined a colony of synthetic organisms sealed inside a humanoid suit to create a creature of burden (the Dunny) with a post-apocalyptic rider (the TRIKKY). The overall design has influences from bondage and latex fetish-wear.

Aya Kakeda Dunny 2011

This cosmonaut dunny created by Aya Kakeda is called Laika. This design was inspired by the Soviet pup who was the 1st animal to orbit the Earth and will have case ratio of 1/20.

Lunabee Skelanimal Qee AP pack 1-30

Try your luck in getting one of the 30 AP available.
This is the 2nd AP done by Lunabee that will be available.
Each one comes with these special items.
1 x signed Lunabee Qee 1 x lunabee square badge 1 x special collector card 1 x Lunabee doodle
The first 20 sold (on a first come first served basis) come with a super special wooden engraved coin (pictured) Please note Qees 21-30 only come with the badge and card.
Shipping is included in price. UK: 1st class recorded Worldwide : standard airmail. (Airsure can be used at extra cost, please message me if required)
Going on sale Wednesday 22nd June 7pm London time.