Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cris Rose's Custom Rumble Stolen @ DragonCon 2010

Custom MADL Has Style

Found this great custom 6 inch vinyl MAD L toy by Zdenek55. What attracts me to the toy is its really expressive face and the base paint job(not the inkwork) that makes for a nice textured look that almost makes it look like its madde out of wood rather than plastic.

The artist has been featured at The Don O'Melveny Gallery In Los Angeles (2006), and at The THINKSPACE Gallery (2007), Phantom Gallery (2007), The Sundance Film Festival, The L.A. Biscuit Lofts Art Show (2007), Monkeyhouse Toys (2007, 2008) Gallery Hangar 1018 (2007), AlphaCult (2007) and APW NYC (2008), Gnosis Gallery (2008).

Check this great piece , You can pick him up for $75 if you are quick.

Kidrobot and Mcdonalds Toys? Great Concept Fun

Here's a signature image I saw on the Kidrobot forums that made me laugh. I believe it's a concept, because it says "It's only a matter of time". I wouldn't be surprised either, and hey I might even pick them up. Or maybe they'll be included in my happy meal? Sweet. Spotted on user Mistuh_T's signature.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skelanimals Qee series 1

Toy2R keeps the Qee news rollin as they have just revealed 3 more new designs from their upcoming Skelanimals Qee series 1! Today we are getting a glimpse at designs by Reactor 88, Jim Koch, and Julie West... which all have distinct charasterics that we have come to know from each of these designers! I really like the Totem designs from Reactor as this little figure captures his style so well, and Jim's Stitch-n-skull design is so fitting as well as Julie's clean lines and feminine touch! Keep your eyes peeled for more designs from other artist in this series includiug: Jon Paul Kaiser, Voltaire, Lunabee, and Chauskoskis!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sket One Artist proofs

Gary Baseman Painting.

Gary Baseman's - Happy Idiot and other paintings about Unattainable Beauty

One day i would like to get one of Gary's paintings, He is my favorite designer/artist

Bitbots series 0

Bitbots will be launched tomorrow.

We wish them great success in their new venture.

Come down to the barrow to get your first ever release of this amazing toy.

Dunny 2010

Hi All

Just to advise all our followers in Johannesburg that Mooks in The Zone shopping center in Rosebank has got dunny's in stock.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New York Comic Con Here We Come!

For the first time, Kidrobot will be getting down this year in The Cultyard at New York Comic Con. We will be joining our vinyl allies STRANGEco, Mimobot, Tokidoki, Toy Qube, Toy Tokyo and many others in the expansion of our vinyl art community at NYCC. And in good Kidrobot fashion we got a ton of tricks up our sleeves. We’ll keep you posted on details as they arise.
I really would love to be there !