Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Android Rainbow Set from DYZ Plastic

Now this was a pleasant surprise! Solicited by DKE Toys os this ANDROID RAINBOW SET with features 10 different colored Androids collectible figures all housed in a singular "magnetic clasp box" which also serves as a flip-open display (nice touch) showcasing the double-deckered line-up.

The Androids themselves are like regular clear tinted figurines where you could remove the "head", and use their bodies to store or display other items!

Suggested Retail on this is US$70 per box. Go bug your fav retailers now for availability and drop-schedule!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Toxic Lammi - 8" Custom Supermagical Dunny

Beware of Toxic Lammi.

Although she is awfully sweet natured, and pretty to look at, she's deadly poisonous and irritant to the touch, which causes her no end of loneliness and bad luck when making friends.
Are you the one that could make Toxic Lammi's dreams come true, and be her one true friend? Even if she gives you wild hallucinations, itchy skin rashes, and crazy dreams?
Toxic Lammi is an 8" Custom Supermagical Dunny, with sculpted parts, and is hand painted in the Haus Of Boz studio. She is finished with a coat of UV resistant varnish and gloss.
She is for display only, so please don't eat her / handle her like a crazy ranchin' cowboy.