Friday, July 13, 2012

8 Deadly Sins Labbit Mini Series By Kronk - Coming Soon.

Kronk our local hero does it again with Kozik's labbit design.

Kronk brings out the worst in Frank Kozik’s icon with the 8 Deadly Sins Labbit Series! Committing the oldest sins, the newest kinds of ways, these 2.5-inch vinyl Labbits embody the vices that have plagued us all since Eve got the munchies. Which is Labbit’s favorite: Greed or Lust? Pride or Wrath? Gluttony or Sloth? Envy or Dejection?
These will be released on Thursday 26th July 2012.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The Mecha Azteca – which stands a massive 12” tall  will come in three colorways  Regular, Shadow and Jungle. The Regular figure will ship three to a case with the Shadow being a 1:4 chase colorway. The Jungle colorway, is an exclusive to retail store Limited Edition in the UK, but some of these editions will be made available to US based fans and stores via Legacy.
R.A.J.E. Toys has also appointed two distributors for these figures. UK based Gear4Games will be handling all European and UK sales, with Legacy becoming the US point of contact for all of R.A.J.E. products for hereon in.
Richard Emms, one of the directors of R.A.J.E comments on the release. “Our plans to bring the Mecha Azteca to fans were held back a little as we wanted to get this figure 110% right. We are so happy with the quality that it’s been well worth the extra wait. Both RAJE and Jesse are ecstatic with the final production and it’s all systems go to make sure we get these done for an August or early September launch. We’re really hopeful that Jesse can do a few appearances in the USA and UK to promote the figure and we are looking at creating a ‘pop-up’ shop in London’s famous Brick Lane for a one day only event for his UK visit.”
The Mecha Azteca is priced $120.00
The colorways and quantities are as follows:
Regular Version: 600
Shadow Version: 200
Jungle Version: 200 (100 UK / 100 USA)
Box dimensions: 37cm (h) x 32cm (w) x 18.5cm (d)
Weight Boxed: 1351g
Figure size : 12 Inches tall