Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dunny 2012.

The wait is almost over for the release of Dunny 2012.

Every year a gusher of petro-packed pieces comes together in that explosive moment known as a Dunny Series, and 2012 lives up to the legend.
Kidrobot presents Dunny Series 2012, featuring 20 designs by 14 artists.
Seasoned Dunny masters jump in the mix with fresh blood, creating characters that push Dunny into new worlds with new sculpts, new uses of the Dunny platform, new treatments, and new plans. A more colorful mix than you would find in the Mos Eisley Cantina, each figure is its own species – an ambassador to the mind of its creator. If you are one of the lucky few to see them all together, you will find a window into what whimsy and wickedness lies under the creative rocks found in the far away corners of the Dunny galaxy.
DS2012 features the emissaries from the hands of Andrew Bell, Attaboy, Scribe, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno, Kronk, MAD, Mauro Gatti, Sergio Mancini, Nakanari, Pac23, Tara McPherson, and Triclops Studio. While supplies last and at select locations, get your hands on an exclusive Dunny by SUCKLORD with the purchase of a case pack. Set to hit the shelves June 21,  and can be found at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers worldwide.

Cant wait to see the finished pieces.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beast Brothers & Huck Gee.

They are at it again, This new 8" Lord Magma Skullendario Azteca will be available on Friday 22nd June for $475.00 and you will have 24 Hours to place your order.
The best part is that one lucky person who purchases this item will the winner of the crystal version.
So you snooze on this one and you will loose, good luck.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kidrobot SDCC 2012 Exclusives & Signings

                            Day 1 – Thursday, July 12

SDCC Exclusive – Cyborg 7-inch Labbit Excelsior Edition

Signing By Chuckboy, 12-2pm

Only 300 survived the mutation, but that’s why Labbits boink like they do – to survive!  With a sudden cigarette shortage, it was time to take drastic and evolutionary action.  Enter sexy technology, boasting the ability to smork non-stop without wasting time trying to light up without opposable thumbs.  After one sweaty night at the Silicon Valley Motel, the Cyborg Labbit Excelsiors were born. 7-inch vinyl labbits with a tip that never cools, and a butthole that’s always charged – now that’s a hybrid. NYC-based artist Chuckboy upgrades Kozik’s iconic labbit, making it better, faster, and smorkier July 12 exclusively at San Diego Comic Con 2012 for $75.

                            Day 2 – Friday, July 13

SDCC Exclusive – Skullslinger Tuco Edition

Signing by Huck Gee, 12-2pm

Tuco crashes through a window, covered in the blood of two men. Ruthless and winged, this 11-inch vinyl Skullslinger is tall, dark, and deadly. Constantly confronted with death, Tuco walks the edge, always one foot from the grave.
Limited to 300 worldwide, Tuco draws his guns July 13, retailing for $100 and available exclusively at San Diego Comic Con 2012, Kidrobot Booth #4529

                            Day 3 – Saturday, July 14

SDCC Exclusive – Mahākāla Dunny Prosperity Edition

Signing by Andrew Bell, 12-2pm

Dunny-sattvas take wrathful form when a gentler approach is not effective.
Seemingly demonic, the Mahākāla deity is a stern protector. With his trident, he fights the poisons that blind – pride, lust, greed, and ignorance – and destroys those that hinder the knowledge of enlightenment. He has four arms, three eyes, and one fiery crown. Some compare him to death; others hail him as a glorious guard.  All know him to be fierce.
The 8-inch Mahākāla Dunny by Andrew Bell – wrathful in name, and protective in nature – is inspired by the Mahākāla character, ever present in ceremonies throughout the Himalayan region, originating with ancient Indian and Nepalese culture.  Prosperity Edition is limited to 300 pieces, and rules with a trident accessory, extra set of articulated arms, and removable Dunny skull belt. Set to release at Kidrobot Booth #4529 at San Diego Comic Con for $100.

Original posting from Kidrobot.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kidrobot’s SDCC 2012 Tease

SDCC is just around the corner and Kidrobot has posted this teaser to kind off kill us slowly.
One could make out what some of them are but what they look like we will have to wait with anticipation.

Kidrobot - City Bots.

Kidrobot is lucky to call some stellar cities home. With each unique urban culture, they inspire us, energize us, make us laugh and sometimes make us a bit queasy (take a stroll down Grand street in NYC on a hot summer day). After 10 years of loving urban living, we had to pay homage in the only way we know how: vinyl.
Introducing the Kidrobot City ‘Bots Mini’s. Each 3-inch vinyl figure highlights the city where it is exclusively sold by showcasing the characteristics that the city and its citizens are famous for. Five Kidrobot retail stores have their own special ‘Bot: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and London. On the scene June 21st, each figure retails for $11.95 (£9.60 UK). Take a summer trip and check them out… these ‘Bots and their cities will not disappoint.