Friday, September 6, 2013

Blue Zombie Bunny.

Zombie Bunny:
No one knows how or why, but zombie bunnies do exist. Mostly brainless, they wander the streets and countrysides without a clue where they are going, only motivated by their impulse to eat brains. Calling them slow and dim-witted would be an understatement. Mostly seen as a nuisance, they have become a fact of life in the over-populated world. While they pose virtually no threat to any living bunny, they are often kept out of the way in gated reservations. From time to time some manage to escape and wander the lands aimlessly.
More about the Chaos Bunnies:
The Chaos Bunnies are a collection of characters and vinyl figures created and designed by Joe Ledbetter (aka J.Led). Under many iterations and names over the years, the Chaos Bunnies have been prevalent characters in J.Led’s paintings, prints, and toy designs since 2004. With as many variations of his signature bunny character as can be imagined, the possibilities are truly endless. The Chaos Bunnies play with ideas of over-population, individuality, alienation, enlightenment, and unadulterated joy. Not only is this project a labor of love, but a carefully designed art piece, a celebration of collectables, and a love letter to favorite childhood action figures. These bunnies might be super cute, but don’t forget they’re still wild animals from a distant planet.