Friday, April 8, 2011

Uglydoll Series 3 by David Horvath

Ice Bats,Series 1,Series 2 and now Series 3. This has been such a popular toy to collect. These will be available in store next week so hurry to get your favorite piece.


Play Imaginative and the Devilrobots have put together a special release Tofu Bot, “SupporTo-Fu”. All the proceeds from this release will go towards the Singapore Red Cross Society for the Japan Disaster fund. You can help support by pledging just $16 for your very own SupporTo-Fu. All you have to do is email them HERE with “Supporto-fu” in subject line. These should be arriving in Singapore in June/July, then shipped out shortly after.

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Product Preview – Shadow Serpent Dunny

Powerful ancient gods and contemporary musical forces mix it up in the new Shadow Serpent 8-inch Dunny by Marka27, blending an iconic platform with Marka’s popular mini-god aesthetic. Bright green and adorned with slithering serpents and native markings, Shadow Serpent bears 3 decorative mini-speakers sculpted into the head, and a printed speaker on both the back and belly. The serpent influence comes from Marka’s Mexican heritage, pulling inspiration from the ancient god Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent deity worshipped by the Mayans, Aztecs and other indigenous cultures. The chase (1 in 6) is an equally stunning black, with white and pink graphics. Limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide and available beginning April 21 for $70.00 (£64.40 UK; 70€ Europe) in Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Androids Series 2

WOW WOW can you believe it Kidrobot released Android series 2 today and it is sold out already.

Garfield is on his way.

We will be receiving 6 only of this Garfield limited edition toy. Only 400 made.He stands approx 6" tall and his skate board is about 7" long. If you would like to get one please contact me on to book one. They will be arriving early next week.

Charlie & Cosmic Garbage 2-Pack

The land of the Rising Sun is home to some awesomely weird stuff including design powerhouse Shelterbank. Limited to 300 pieces worldwide, this rotocast soft-vinyl 2-pack sports a half-dozen eyes, a crown and more colors than a triple rainbow. Charlie & Cosmic Garbage have come a long way to deliver a full-on double dose of weird and awesome.

We have only one set available.
Cassandra Johnson R1700.00
Ben Johnston R1500.00

Toitoy custom show still available.

We Still have a few of the Munny's available from our shop. Should you be interested in any please feel free to contact me at Adam Hill R1700.00
Bison R1800.00
Chad Lesch R3000.00
Reddprime R1700.00
Jordan Metcalf R1700.00

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We will be holding another Swop Shop on Saturday 16th April at our shop 49 Kloof Street Gardens between 10 and 12 midday.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Step right up and enter the MUNNYWORLD MEGACONTEST! Take you best shot at customizing any of the mini MUNNYWORLD figures including the new FOOMI and KRACKA and enter to win MEGA prizes. Grand prize winner takes a spot in Dunny Series 2012. Ok so now you’re ready to submit your brilliant new MUNNYWORLD character. Take a picture of the front and back of your design preferably on white background. This year you can also establish your own artist profile as well as add a little background info to your inspiration for your design. You can now start uploading your creations HERE.

4" DIY Toys Available

We have a great selection of 4 inch DIY toy available from Kidrobot.

Trickky,Roos,Raffy,Bub,Foomi,Kracka any the standard munny.

So all you DIY fanatics come pick up you addiction and create your own designs.

Kidrobot Clothing available

We have received a new selection of clothing and caps from kidrobot.

We also have Ladies and Kids available.