Friday, April 5, 2013

Toitoy shop mural.

Local artist and designer Atang Tshikare is in the process of doing a new mural for us.
Follow this posting to see the final product once completed. 

 How amazing is the final product. Well done Atang your work is great.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gingerbread Man competition.

Firstly i would like to thank all of you for partaking in our Kronk Gingerbread man competition .
Our winner is Hector Pereira with Tako, congratulations on your new dunny and take good care of him.

We will be running a new competition which i will post the details for later, this time there are 2 rare pieces up for grabs.

DUNNY 8″. the hunted by colus

The springbuck. Nimble protectors over the southern plains of Africa. Once revered, they struck fear in the eyes of enemies big and small. Springbucks kept peace in the land for many generations until they were declared “traitors of the plains” by the new king. A bounty was set for their heads, and so the legendary tale of survival began. They were now trophies, they were now… The Hunted.

The trophy: A handsome 8-inch vinyl version of ‘the hunted’ springbuck. Curved horns, perked pointed ears, and mounted on a super glossy sculpted wood grain trophy plaque mounted around his neck as if a platter for his bulbous head. The striking graphic ‘black-and-white-only’ design style of South African born artist Colus make this Dunny a splendid prize.
Ready for display.
Limited edition of 1250 pieces worldwide.
The hunt begins April 11 at Kidrobot stores,