Thursday, August 26, 2010

DJ Lance 3" Dunny

Get your sillies out with this 3-inch Dunny of Kidrobot's pal DJ Lance Rock! from Yo Gabba Gabba!
The number one DJ in Gabba Land brings the beats with his boom box and trademark tall furry hat.
DJ Lance will be released in the next few day and will be available at Toitoy soon.

Sold Out: Paul Kaiju’s Black & Blue Boss Carrion

Without any warning, Paul Kaiju just dropped some Boss Carrion goodies in his online shop. If you didn’t notice from the title of this post and the main pictures, the Boss Carrions are long sold out. Available were two colorways of the BC. One being the Black Boss Carrion with silver and red paint. The other being the Blue Boss Carrion we saw at SDCC. Do not fear, because Paul also posted up a photo of some unpainted Milky Boss Carrions. We cannot wait to see what he does with those.

Thanks to Vinyl Pulse for the post.

Look who i just found.

Jesse Hernandez

Qee's newest shape.

Tell me what do you think of this mould ?

Gary Baseman

Here’s a look at the design concept for Gary Baseman’s Slugilicious which is in production from newcomer Arts Unknown. ETA? Early 2011.

Custom Munny by Sam Breakspear


Here's my custom munny, inspired by an 80's skate deck graphic called the "Slasher". He was originally illustrated by Jim Philips for a company called Santa Cruz. The munny was a birthday present for a friend who's crazy about these graphics (he's the rider of the board you see in the pics). It's a mixture of sculpting clay, spraypaint, acrylic, pencil crayon and nailpolish!

Great work Sam my birthday is soon !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

King Ken Series 2

Strangeco will be releasing the 2nd edition of King Ken mid September , watch this space for arrival dates.

Dunny 2010 Chase

So far i am aware of only 1 chase that has been found , this is Damarak in Green.

Do you know of any more ?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bacon Madl

Hi Folks , I have managed to order 3 Bacon Madl's if you are keen in getting your hands on one please contact me as they will not reach the barrow. The first 3 to reply will be the lucky ones , good luck.