Friday, January 25, 2013

Kwadro King by Otto Bjornik.

Otto Bjornik has done it again after his Kwadro King set  he has brought out the Queen set.
Each of the Queens has a description see them below.

After a long and arduous journey, the four sisters were united with the kings whose hearts they captured.

KAI of the north kingdom was a ruthless and iron-fisted ruler.  Only two things could crack his callous exterior:  his beloved canary whose warbling could instantly turn him into a big, doting marshmallow, and Qortni's temper which made him tremble worse than jelly in a railroad car.  He enjoyed both.  Together, Kai and Qortni made a formidable royal couple.
KAVAN of the east kingdom was a debonair gentleman, full of charm and grace.  He made all the ladies in the kingdom swoon and bat their eyes.  Unfortunately for them, he only had eyes for Quilla whom he showered with gifts and affection.  One look from him, and she could feel her heart flutter like a thousand butterflies.  Kavan and Quilla were completely and utterly in love.
KENDL of the south kingdom was a benevolent and generous king.  Most of the time he was very jolly and cheerful -- except when Quiana beat him at games, which happened to be all the time.  Everyone in the kingdom regarded Kendl and Quiana as the lucky couple.
KINAH of the west kingdom was enormously wealthy, with rooms filled with gold and gems and all sort of trophies.  Whatever King Kinah desired, he got.  So it frustrated him to no end that the only thing he could not get was Quarta's satisfaction and approval.  She was always highly suspicious that whatever she did not have was actually better.  Kinah and Quarta were constantly craving for more.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oop prey blackout from Coarse Toys

Accompanying the "our nightmares" exhibition in Thailand earlier this month, we announced our Bangkok exclusive release "oop prey blackout" presenting oop and aw! – two classic coarse characters in their surreal embryonic state. The release is limited to 150 pieces only. Please visit coarsebook for further details and images.

A handful of figures for this exclusive release will be on sale at tomorrow [Thursday: 07:59 am Los Angeles, 10:59 am New York, 04:59 pm Hamburg, 11:59 pm Hong Kong]. 

The unique black and gold 7'' vinyl figure set oop and aw! will be available at a special exclusive release price of only HK $ 995 / approx. US $ 128 [price includes global surface shipping]. Pieces are in stock and will be shipped shortly. 

Each piece is crafted with a high attention to detail and has a semi-mat finish. They are secured in black sponge and packaged in a deluxe hand-made, silk screen-printed paper enclosure and closed with a photo-printed sleeve.

64 Colors Leaf Ninjas.

How amazing are these 3 Leaf Ninjas  from 64 Colors. They are 7" tall and are selling on their website for $400.00 each. Check them out here .

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gary Baseman x TLS – Bloody Buckingham Warrior

The Loyal Subjects will release the Bloody Buckingham Warrior by Gary Baseman on Saturday (1.26) during  a special block party event  located just behind TLS’s headquarters in Atwater village.  Limited to 150 pieces, the Bloody Buckingham Warrior will be available for $125 at the event during which Gary will sign the figures.  The toys will be  available online around 3:30 PM PST. The event will be held in conjunction with Mad Decent (Diplo’s label) which will provide live music and has collaborated with TLS on mystery bags ($50).  Come for the toy, stay for the music, snacks and more.

Original post thanks to Vinyl Pulse.